Great action this weekend out in Greensboro for the annual David Rose Memorial Day event! This tournament always brings out good teams for a good cause (portion of funds goes to the Wounded Warrior Project). The following are some of the players from the event that you need to know!

Cole Sinclair, 6'1 2021 G at Durham'Academy'' It is not often that I highlight a 13 year old baller so when I do you need to take notice. This kid is a player, plain and simple. He has a strong body for his age and shows that he understands the game the way that only a coaches kid can. He is solid with the ball in his hands and finds his guys in the offense to where they can make plays. His strength allows him to compete on the glass as well as get into the lane and score through traffic as needed. Cole also showed that he can step out and hit the 3 as well. The issues I see here that his youth shows up from time to time. I saw him hardly look for his shot at all in first half then jack up some questionable shots in second. Also, the youth comes through on the decision making at times and can lose focus on the defensive end. The good news is that all of this should work itself out with time. He has the skill set, body, and game to help at the varsity level next year. He is another kid from this event with a high floor on him for sure.

Micah Jones, 6'1 2020 G at Northern HS'' This kid is wired to score. The only issue is that right now that seems to be the one thing he is focused on. I saw him several times take ill advised shots while running a 1 on 3 fast break. The slender guard has game on him and had no issues scoring against kids a grade ahead of him but that shot selection is going to have to improve. When he calmed down and ran the offense he was a much better looking player I thought which tells me that he has more to offer than just being a scorer. If he slows his game down some and focuses on being a complete player Northern could have a player on their hands the next few years.

Andrei George, 6' 2020 G at East Wake Academy''Skinny shooter who loves to spot up in the corner and bomb away. He hit 4 from deep in the one I watched but that was all he seemed to be focused on during the game. I saw little movement from him or a willingness to make plays on the ball. Add that to the fact he offered nothing on the glass or as a creator for those around him and you get concerned about his game. I get it but not many kids his age have the ability to be a lights out shooter like he showed either so you have to take the good with the bad here. If he can find another gear on that motor of his and learn how to be a factor in the rest of the game that ability to knock down shots will get him noticed. Right now its al about how much work he is willing to put into the game.

Drake Thompson, 6'3 2020 F at Hillside HS'' Raw young forward with a nose for rebounding here. I saw a lot of young bigs with promise this weekend and Drake is one of them. H is still learning the game and has ZRO moves to go to that I saw right now but that did not keep him from going for a 12p/11r performance in the one I saw him play. He has a good motor and plays hard but you can tell he's one of these kids still learning how to play the game. 'That said if he wants to make it as a prospect he is going to have to grow. 6'3 PF's are not really in demand and h shows no outside skills at this point to suggest that he can handle a move out to the wing anytime soon. Like the others listed here he is young and has time to grow. If he gets to 6'5 or better I like his chances as a prospect as long as he continues to go hard like he does. I will be interested in seeing how he does for the Hornets the next few years.

Lance Anthony, 5'7 2019 G at Cardinal Gibbons'' Kid looks like he can run under the kitchen table without ducking his head then comes out on the floor and starts burying shots. I watched him in 2 games and he averaged 12 points, and not just on the strength of his outside shot. Kid showed no back down in him and played with a little attitude to him which I liked. H showed good handles, vision, and the ability to create some. The issue here is that no matter how you look at it 5'7 is 5'7. He is going to have to grow or become more explosive. Kids like'Chris Clemons and'Darius Mcghee'have freakish ounce to help compensate for lack of length. That's not Lance. He has game to him and shows signs of being a player but unless he grows some he will face an uphill battle.

More to come from this event. Until next time, see you in the gym!

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