Niquan Cousins

Great action this weekend out in Greensboro for the annual David Rose Memorial Day event! This tournament always brings out good teams for a good cause (portion of funds goes to the Wounded Warrior Project). The following are some of the players from the event that you need to know!

Jamaru Brown, 6'2 2018 G at Southern HS – I have thought this kid was a next level player every since I first laid eyes on him in his freshman year. Kid can flat out go get it on the basketball floor. He has added strength to go along with his quickness and is looking more dangerous as a result. When he decides it is time to turn it on you can only hope to slow him down some as this kid knows how to go eat. Not just a scorer though as he showed here in the game I caught. I saw him toss out at least 6 dimes to go with several rebounds and a bunch of points so that just shows the type of toolbox this kid has to work with. The issue I see here though is that he tends to turn it on only when he wants to. He has the skill set to dominate start to finish but unless that motor is running he is not getting the most out of his game that he could. Just looked like he was not always interested in the action out on the floor to me. Still, this kid is a top talent in the state and I expect the more eyes that are on him the sooner offers will start to roll in.

Nathaniel Koko, 6'3 2016 W at Prominence Academy – The more I saw of this kid the more I came to appreciate his game. He is a sneaky athlete that does not always catch your eye but then will make a play that makes you take notice. He is skinny as a rail but shows the ability to overcome that with good hops and savvy. He can step out and hit the open 3 easy enough and has the length and ability to be a factor going to the basket as well. He needs to add weight/muscle to that frame of his but you have the type of player here that in the right system could be a very effective role player for a team.

Malik Sanders, 6'1 2017 G at Prominence Academy – Saw this kid go twice at this event and what I got were 2 totally different results. In game one he came off the bench and was not really a factor on either end of the floor. You could see the quickness in his game but not the production. Game two was a different story completely as he came out and had a hand in every aspect of the game. In neither game did he put up big scoring totals but his impact on the game had more to do with how he ran the team than anything. In game 2 he was pushing the tempo, getting the ball to his guys in rhythm, running the team, and chipping in on the glass while being a pest on D. This is what I need to see from him each time out. Anyone can throw up shots and try to score but having a lead guard that can control the game and get all engaged like he did in game 2, not many teams have that. Not sure on his ceiling.

Niquan Cousins, 6'3 2016 F at Enloe HS – Everyone knows I have soft spot for hard hat type of players. May not be the biggest or most naturally gifted players but they put their sneakers on and go in for battle with all they have to give. That is the type of player Cousins is to me. The game is not pretty but when you can go out on the floor and pull down 17 rebounds in a game like I saw him do here who cares how it looks' The kid is a bull inside and has been every time I have seen him go. At 6'3 he does not have the size really to be a next level power player but he also does not show the wing skills to move outside either. Still, if I am a lower level school or Juco looking for tough kids to come in and make plays for me I am giving this kid a call.

Keandre Fryar, 6'3 2019 F at EE Smith HS – Raw young big had a good showing here pulling down close to a dbl/dbl on the day through 3 games. His strength is as a rebounder right now as he proved hard to keep off the glass. On offense he is limited right now to put backs and break outs so that part of his game is going to have to improve. Still, he looks to have a strong body on him for his age and shows signs of being an above average window cleaner going forward. If he can grow his game and get a few more inches on him he will be one to watch. Way too early to tell on this kid right now. Much depends on how tall he gets as I am not seeing ANY wing game on this kid as of yet. 6'5 or better hes a prospect, less than that a good HS player. Could go either way right now.

More to come from this event. Until next time, see you in the gym!

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