#DavidRoseMDC Reviews Part 1 – Jason Porter of AllStar Peps

Great action this weekend out in Greensboro for the annual David Rose Memorial Day event! This tournament always brings out good teams for a good cause (portion of funds goes to the Wounded Warrior Project). The following are some of the players from the event that you need to know!

Weston Edwards, 6' 2017 G at Concord 1st Assembly – Kid can flat out stroke it from anywhere on the floor. I had him hitting 6 3's in game one on the day and from what I hear he never slowed down. He has a quick release and is dangerous from halfcourt in. He lacks the size you look for in a SG though and will need to show he can play the 1 as that's his spot at the next level I think. Feel good story on this kid as he survived horrible accident several years back. Can't help but root for this kid to succeed. With the ability to shoot like he can hard seeing how he won't.

Amara Morris, 6'3 2017 G at Concord 1st Assembly – Box score stuffer had a solid performance on the day. He goes hard when he is on the floor and that motor led to production in all phases of the game. He was a factor as a playmaker, a rebounder and as a defender in the one I saw. Not sure what position he fits best as since he's not a 1 or 2 and not big enough to be a 3 but a player like this will always find a spot out on the floor. Too good of a baller not to.

Bailey Benham, 6'6 2018 F at Concord 1st Assembly – Interesting prospect here. He played up in this event and showed he could hold his own but at the same time he showed that he is still not yet where he needs to be from a toughness standpoint mentally and physically. You see him go out and hit 3 3's but at the same time he gets beat on the glass and only pulls 4 boards. The kid has game and a lot of potential though and is young still so he has time to toughen up. Concord 1st Assembly always produces ballers so he's in the right spot to get what he needs to develop.

Andrew Freeman, 6'4 2017 F W at Riverside HS – I saw Andrew 3 times in this event and what I saw sums up where he is at with his game now perfectly. Game 1 was a non-factor, did not stand out in anyway on the floor. Next game kid goes off in a big way as a scorer and rebounder and is the driving force in his teams win. Last game out, we get closer to game 1 performance than game 2. When he is on kid is a scoring threat from all over the floor and is an active rebounder. When he is off you never know what you will get, including a technical foul like he did today. You can see the game on him but getting it out of him on a consistent basis is the trick.

Teqwain Bell, 6'4 2017 F at Mt Zion Christian – His game 1 performance was spot on as he went for a DBL/DBL and was the hardest working kid on the floor. Game 2 ……crickets, Kid was nowhere to be seen out on the floor. Game 3 he was a scoring machine again and was the active player I expected him to be. Again, the consistency issue comes into play. Like Andrew this kid has game and has game on him and for the most part has a good motor but need to see the motor run hot from the word go. Would like to see his outside shot come around some as he did not show it much in this event. At 6'3 he is going to need to stay at the wing as he goes next level so the more comfortable and proficient he gets out there the better off his chances are as a prospect.

Rory Pantophlet, 6'8 2018 F at Mt Zion Christian – LONG and lean player that catches your eyes in the layup line then shows flashes of what he can be come game time. Right now kid is VERY raw with it on both ends of the floor but has the length and athletic ability that screams player. He came off the bench in game 1 for example and pulls 7 rebounds and alters shots left and right but in others he is a non-factor as the game goes by him more than others. Rory has 2 years left to go and he will develop. As he fills out and gains strength he will become a bigger factor on the floor. He has a lot of potential but can someone pull it out of him' That is the question.

TONS more of player reviews to come from this event so make sure to stay tuned. Until next time, see you in the gym!

Jason Porter is the owner of AllStar Preps. See more from him at www.allstarpreps.com.