David Rose Memorial Day Classic
Player Previews
By Jamie Shaw

6’1” 2021 Carter Whitt of Team Loaded NC 15s

It doesn’t take much court time until you notice that Carter Whitt is something special. The way he leads his team, navigates traffic, plays with poise beyond his years, there is something special about the young man and he shows it in every setting against all age groups he plays against.

Whitt has been his high school’s (Trinity Academy of Raleigh) starting point guard since his 7th grade year. He is an alum of the prestigious North Carolina Top 80, where he was the youngest player ever (an 8thgrader) to participate in the event.

Ron Johnson has lead The Burlington School to two of the past three state championships, he was also Whitt’s camp coach at the prestigious 2017 North Carolina Top 80. After the event, Johnson said, “Carter is a young, talented point guard with a bright future. He’s a very skilled player that is really crafty, a good shooter and passer. Carter sees the floor extremely well and makes great decisions in transition on the offensive end.”

He has all of the flashy, in your face, skills that are hard not to notice, but it is the subtlety of his game that really takes it to the next level. The way he cuts angles off the bounce or the way he directs the defense with his eyes leading into a quick delivery. Whitt already has built himself a national reputation. His play, playing up an age group, during the summer has not done anything to quell these thoughts. During Phenom’s Opening and Phenom’s Challenge Live Whitt was often the best player on the floor.

This weekend we are excited to host him again. At this point, he is truly one of the top prospects in his class, in the country. After our very first viewing of Whitt, at an NC Junior Phenom camp we wrote, “A player that turned heads with his sky-high IQ and incredible feel for the game at such a young age, Carter Whitt. He’s a lead guard who is simply a magician with the ball in his hands, truly a show worth watching. Offensively, Whitt is mesmerizing, able to create and attack nonexistent angles regularly, creating countless opportunities for teammates. He’s a three-level scorer that can lull opponents off the dribble and make an unthinkable pass, which leads to an assist nearly every time. On the other end, Whitt showcases his IQ through sharp off-ball defense and anticipation on steals. Next in his development process is improving his ability to guard the ball, as it would make him dominant on both sides of the ball.”

Whitt has yet to go through his 8th grade graduation so he has no recruitment yet. However, that will come and he will (maybe even as soon as the end of this year) have a who’s who of college programs watching him closely. Right now, it is all about playing for fun.


Watch this video from Jacey Zembal of Carter Whitt at 2017 NC Top 80