Memorial Day Weekend is a special weekend to share with family and friends.  But it also provides a chance for teams to compete in one of the best events around at the David Rose MDC with Phenom Hoops.

We have over 80 teams competing at a high-level, showcasing their talents and earning exposure! Come out and show your support, as well as support a great cause in the Wounded Warrior Project.

Check out a few names to look out for.

Team: Team FLY Teal 2021

#11 – Nick Colson 6’3” Class of 2021 (AL Brown High School) – Long athletic wing with scoring abilities at all 3 levels. He is a gym rat and can create his own shot. Also rebounds well and uses his length to defend the ball. Shoots the ball well and with range.

#4 – Kendrell Goodes 6’ 4” Class of 2021 (North Rowan High School) – Long athletic forward who rebounds the ball well and affects shots at the basket. He can knock down the 3 ball and shoot the floater to avoid taller defenders. He has tremendous upside as he is transitioning to the wing.

#2 – Zay Davis 5’ 7” Class of 2021 (North Rowan High School) – Primarily a star football player with the incredible athletic ability for his size with an almost automatic pull up jumper. He plays hard, physical, rebounds and has a desire to win at all cost. Relentless.

#35 – Fred Brown, Jr. 6’ 0” Class of 2021 (Mooresville Sr. High School) – Deceptively athletic forward/wing who is as strong as an ox who can shoot the ball pretty well. He has leadership qualities and tends to make the right decision when the ball is in his hands. Does the majority of the communicating on the court

#1 – Anduan (AJ) Merriman, Jr. 5’ 8” Class of 2021 (Jesse C. Carson High School) – Small guard who is a scrappy defender. He picks the ball up full court and plays with energy. He has a nice floater and communicates well on and off the court.

#12 – Eric (EJ) Clark, Jr. 6’ 3” Class of 2020 (Jesse C. Carson High School) – A wing/forward with less athletic ability than most but extremely long arms. Beautiful left-hand shot who also rebounds the ball extremely well and 9west is able to guard bigger opponents because of length.

#3 – Jaharion Graham 5’ 9” Class of 2021 (North Rowan High School) – Primarily a star football player.  A very athletic defender who plays harder than anyone on the court every single possession with an offense that improves every game. He is also a great football player.

#21 – Sam Wood 6’ 2” Class of 2021 (West Rowan High School) – Crafty shooting wing/forward with good size with a good 3 pointer. He thinks the game and uses his mind to score while making up for his lack of athleticism.

#23 – Macari Allison 6’ 3” Class of 2021 (West Rowan High School) – Longwing who can knock down the three ball. He also has solid ball handling and is very coachable. He is not the quickest but has active hands while defending which forces deflections and turnovers.

#6 – Javon Smith 6’ 0” Class of 2021 (Jesse C. Carson High School) – Point guard/combo guard who has good size, shooting ability and strength. He finishes at the basket well with contact and plays hard on both ends of the floor and he is also a great rebounder. His leadership gets better day in and day out.

#5 – Glenwood Robinson, Jr. 5’ 11” Class of 2021 (Mooresville Sr. High School) – Strong athletic point guard who makes great decisions with the ball and can get to the rim anytime he wants to. Not to mention he can shoot the ball well just doesn’t take a lot of jump shots because of his ability to get to the rim.