Here are names that stood out at the David Rose MDC from Phenom Hoops Analyst Jamie Shaw

Charlotte Nets – Anthony Morrow 17s

6’9″ 2018 Leon Williams
So intriguing. Very fluid running with good hand/eye coordination. Has touch and natural shot blocking ability.

6’2″ 2018'Jabril Griffin-McCutchen

Explosive. Rebounds and defends very well. Has a nose to sore, especially when getting down hill. A blur in transition.

Corporation Elite 17s

6’1″ 2018 Corey Addison
A solid handle. Got where he wanted in the half court. Nice vision, quick.

6’3″ 2020 Xavier McIver
Large frame. Great hands. Rebounded well. Had a nose for the ball. Solid footwork and used hips well on the block.

Durham Hurricanes 16s – Hall
6’6″ 2019 Josh Hall
Smooth, length wing. Has deep range and an aggressive downhill handle out of half court sets. Upside as a shot blocker and a big time player.

6’3″ 2019 Noah Dinkins
Noah is a bucket. A scorer from all 3 levels, with range and strength in the paint. He plays with a great pace and understanding of the game.

6’5″ 2019 Marcotis Hall
Long, active and athletic. Hall is ability to utilize his skill set as a mismatch player. He is strong and a quick leaper who'rebounds very well.

Durham Hurricanes 15s

6’2″ 2020 Lamar Lightbrown

Athletic and active, 3-level scorer. He plays with a great pace and has great length and the utmost confidence.

6’4″ 2020 Drake Thompson

A bully on the block. He is a tough area rebounder with long arms and a strong base. He finishes around the basket and plays with a non stop motor.

Manzer Basketball 17u Black
6′ 2018 Jaylen Johnson
Tough. Has a solid handle with good pace. A downhill guard who is a good on the ball defender and great in transition.

6’7″ 2018 Sam Woods

Very active and very athletic. He looks to dunk everything around the rim and even showed touch out to 18 feet. Upside as a lock down defender and is a good rebounder. Could be a July breakout guy with multiple offers to come.

Mid State Magic 17s
6'4' 2018 Trey Cousin
Cousin is a high IQ player, who seems to always be in the right place at the right time. He moves well off the ball and has a very efficient game. Can go for over 30 in any given game.

6'5' 2018 Makiah Fox
Fox is a strong player. Not only is he strong, but he knows the game and knows his role on the court. He plays with a great pace and is able to get to his spots. He is also a good team defender and strong area rebounder.

NC Runnin Rebels 16s
6' 2020 Jordan Lynch
Lynch is wired to score. He has solid length and a nice handle as a scoring wing. It will be interesting to see him moving forward, even playing up right now he is able to get the shots he wants.

6'6' 2019 Shamon Jackson
Great length. He is active and attacks rebounds. Good shot blocker with natural timing. Needs strength, but has the clear, natural upside.

NC Runnin Rebels 17s
6'1' 2018 Chris Barnette
Barnette is the consummate point guard. The type you can give the ball to and know he will run your team. He plays mistake free basketball and is an absolute sharp shooter with deep, consistent range. Barnette wins you ball games.

6'6' 2018 KD Burt
Burt is an intimidating factor on the floor. He is a walking double double, a great athlete and very strong. Burt is a mis-match on both ends, offensively you are able to clear out and put the ball in his hands in the half court. Defensively, he is able to guard bigger guys with strength & explosion and smaller guys with length and quickness.

6'7' 2018 Aaron Cash
Cash is an explosive forward who tries to dunk everything, and more times than not he is successful. Able to turn a game's momentum on its head, Cash is able to attack in the half court, from the wing and he is a good defender with natural timing.

Team Loaded NC 17s
6'7' 2018 Landers Nolley
Nolley is one of the top shooting guard prospects in the country. A natural 3-level scorer whose game is predicated on his jump shot. He is able to score off the bounce as well as off the catch. Deep range!

6'7' 2018 Jayden Gardner
Gardner is a monster, a straight up beast. He is a relentless rebounder and here he showed the ability to make the jump shot and get to the rim off the bounce. He is a 20 and 10 type against all comers.

6'11' 2019 Qudus Wahab
Wahab is a big, with great length. He has natural timing on the defensive end and he is a strong 2-handed rebounder in his area. Wahab showed development in finishing around the basket and got to the free throw line.

Team Loaded NC 15s
5'11' 2020 Jalen Cone
Cone may be as skilled a scoring guard as there is in his class, for the Southeast region. Despite his size, he has a quick 1st step and the ability to score, consistently, at all 3 levels. He had a huge weekend.

6'8' 2020 Omarion Jay
Jay has great size and his mobility/hand-eye coordination is advanced for his size and age. He has good athleticism, runs well and has great hands. Definite prospect to watch moving forward.

WCC (VA) 17s
6'5' 2017 Malik Johnson (Concord)
Johnson has already signed with Concord, but wanted to get some run in anyway. Johnson has great size and plays with a very controlled pace. He is never rushed, and was the primary ball handler for his team in the half court. Solid athlete, high IQ and range as a shooter.

6'7' 2018 James Nworah
Nworah carries a 7' wing span to go along with some great timing. He is a relentless rebounder on both ends of the floor and showed the ability to finish at the basket. This should be an interesting July as Nworah has definite skills that translate to the D1 level.

Carolina Elite 15s ' Woodard
6'7' 2020 Desmond Evans
Evans just moves like an athlete. Although his basketball skills are raw, he played above the rim and showed to be a multi-positional defender. He is also said to be a high level football prospect.

6'5' 2021 IJ Ezuna
It is hard to believe Ezuna is only in the 8th grade. Playing up in age, he proved to be a very strong rebounder and a player to firmly mark on your SIM card moving forward.

6'3' 2020 Kapone Barley
Barley is a mis-match type of player. He has strength and explosion to play on the blocks and he has the ball skills to play on the perimeter. In the championship game he went off for 27 points. He is one to watch moving forward.

Charlotte Nets 16u
5'9' 2019 Lloyd Latta
Latta is a quick point guard who seems to have complete control of the game. When the lights shined brightest, Latta played his best. He finished with 25 points in the 15u championship win. He has a high IQ and makes the right play for himself and everyone around him.

6'3' 2019 Quinten Thomas
Thomas plays with non-stop motor and high powered emotion. He has great length and plays very strong. Thomas finished above the rim numerous times and played tough defense throughout.

Concord Raptors 16s
6'2' 2019 Jordan Minlend
Minlend is a quick lead guard, who has the first step to get downhill quickly. He is a shot maker in the mid-range and strong at the rim. Change of pace is improving and he has clear upside as a prospect.

NC Court Kings 17s
6'2' 2019 Caleb Burgess
Burgess played the weekend with swag. He has a quick first step and the ability to score at all 3 levels. Burgess has a good frame and a smooth nature to his ability.

6'7' 2019 Zach Shumate
Shumate has good size and is very active around the rim, especially on the offensive glass. He is a good athlete and has a natural basketball sense. Playing up, he had a very productive event.

6'5' Unsigned Senior Deng Kongdok
Kongdok is a long and athletic, slashing wing. He showed range off the catch and was able to finish above the rim in transition. Kongdok also has great length and natural timing on the defensive end.

GSP Unified 15s
6'3' 2020 Derrick Fields
Fields plays with a great pace. He carries great length and never rushes when he is on the ball. He has a nice looking shot from deep, but is at his best when attacking the paint. Like the upside here.

6'2' 2020 Sam Brown
Brown's calling card is as a shooter. He has pure form and a quick release. He works hard to get open, finding his spots. Brown also showed ability putting the ball on the floor and getting in the mid range and to the rim. He has a nice upside as a scorer, with good length.

SC Phenoms 16s
6'6' 2020 Dorian Miles
Miles is a strong rebounder. He grabs the ball, with great hands, at its highest peak and corrals it strongly with two hands. He finished well around the basket and showed some ability to face up and put it on the floor. Miles has clear upside, it will be fun to see how he continues to progress.

SC Tigers 16s
5'10' 2020 Elijah Lewis
Lewis played with a controlled pace, never seemed to be rushed, but always made the right play. Lewis had quick hands and got into the paint willingly.

6'2' 2020 Dishon Kinney
Kinney is an athletic, downhill type wing. He has good length and a nose to get to the rim. He showed some ability with the pull up jump shot.

SC Tigers 17s
6'1' 2018 Jonathan Breeland
Breeland plays with a great pace. He is a naturally good athlete, but is able to change gears and get where he wants in the half court. He showcased a great middle game and the ability to take contact at the rim. It could be an interesting July for Breeland as offers should be coming.

6'3' 2018 Savion Dawkins
Dawkins had a big Sunday, really showcased a full skill set. He is an explosive straight line player who finishes above the rim in transition. But he also is a deft shooter with consistent range and quick trigger. Very interesting player.

Team Charlotte 15s
5'10' 2021 Jalen Hinton
Playing up in age, Hinton was the event's leading scorer. In the 15u championship game he finished with 50 points, on 8 made 3s. He is a pure scorer at heart and does it with confidence.

5'9 2021 Jordan McPhatter
Like Hinton, the lefty McPhatter is playing up in age. He has a swagger about him on the ball, with the ball on a string. He is very crafty getting to the rim and is a solid shooter. McPhatter just has that 'it' factor.

6'3' 2020 Elijah Love
Love has great size and length, but the lefty showed extended range and the ability to get to the rim. He was very good in transition.

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