There was so much great young talent at Southern Guilford High School on Sunday! There was a lot of young guys trying to a make names for themselves. He are a few names that were getting it done. Check them out!


Venue: Southern Guilford High School

Taking it By Force Guard 2021 JaQuantae Harris 5'9
Lefty guard that is very explosive. He did a lot of good things in transition. He showed his strength when he took off on two feet and hammer in a dunk that made the crowd stand on their feet. He's a good ball handler and can use either hand to finish. You can see he is oozing with potential just needs time to develop.

Anthony Atkinson Allstarts Naz Black 5'8 2021
Black has a really quick first step that he uses to get by defenders. He is really good at putting his head down and getting to rim. He makes it look easy with his nice acrobatic finishes once he gets to the basket. He's a two way player he has good feet and he does a good job of staying in front of whoever he is guarding.

(Anthony Atkinson Allstart) 2021 6'3 Omarreyon Johnson
Johnson has the potential to be a special player. He made living getting points at the free throw line. He has a very nice touch on his jump shot. He's a good finisher in transition had some nice finishes at the rim. In he can get stronger he has a good opportunity to play at the next level.

Nasir Blackstone 6'4 2021 (Anthony Atkinson AllStart 2021)
In his game against the team Taking it By Force I thought he had the best upside of any player on the floor. He had really good length. He played center for the team he was playing for but he could handle the ball like a guard. He is very skill at the age he could player all five positions. On defense, he played the middle of the 2-3 zone where he was able to alter shots with length.

Jonas Courtney 6'7 (Carolina Riptide 15U)
Jonas has great size he is a very skilled player that does a good job of rebounding the ball and outlets to the guards. He recorded 15 rebounds in the first half of the game. He also does a good job of finishing around the basket. On defense, he does a good job of guarding the paint. He does a good job of blocking shots without fouling. Would like to see him learn how to post wide on the block and give the guards a big target to get the ball inside too. Once he put together a few good post moves he will be a really special player.

Clay Hodges 5'9 (Carolina Raptide 15U)
Clay does a good job of getting to the basket. He best shot is a floater that he uses once he gets by his defender. He a small guard but not small at heart. He put together some tough basket to give his team a run. He is very patient in the half court making good passes to open teammates. He has a really good IQ for the game and knows how to play within the teams system.

Micah Williams 6'2 2021
Micah is super long and very athletic. On Offense he slasher and has good driving ability. He has a quick first step that allows him to get pass defenders into the lane. On defense, Micah does a good job of getting out in the passing lanes with his length. He makes it hard for his opponents to pass the ball in his area. He is a good finisher in transition usually finishes with dunks. He has the potential to be a D1 prospect if he continue to work on his handles and get stronger.

Davion Cunningham 5' 7 (Queen City Thunder 14u)
Davion is a three level scorer that just did everything today. He has a very crafty handle that he uses to get in the paint anytime he wanted too. What unique about him is that he is an exceptional rebounder. I think it is a special talent when a kid know exactly where his shot is going when he shoots it and gets his rebound. He is very aggressive in transition and he has excellent anticipation skills on defense.

Cameron Goodwin 5'11 (Queen City Thurnder 14u)
Cameron is a big guard that does a good job of getting to the basket. He uses his strength and physical body to make and one plays at the rim. He is very hard to stop once he is headed downhill. Does a good job of getting his teammates involved. He can also shoot the three to space the floor.

Antoine Piper (Queen City Thunder14u)
Antoine is one of those players that just knows how to play. Things he do just makes everyone of the floor playing with him better. He has a very high IQ and understands what needs to be done to get his team a W. He is very fundamentally sound did a great job of rebounding the basketball and getting his team extra possessions.

Emmanual White 5'8 (Virginia Rocstars14 u)
Emmanual has a very crafty handle that he uses to get to the basket. White is a pass first guard that does a good job of penetrating to find open teammates and distributing the basketball. Plays very hard on both ends of the floor.

Jack Carter 6'0 (Team Loaded 15u)
Carter is one of the best shooters I seen all weekend. Once he gets the ball above his shoulders you can forget it. He does a good job of hunting for his shots and he shoots a very high percentage. Has a very high IQ and is always moving without the basketball.

Corey Farmer 6'3 (Virginia Rocstars14 u)
Corey has great size for the positon. He has good hands and does a good job of finishing in the paint. He is a very good rebounder did a good job of getting the ball down court to other players for easy transition points.

Donavan Howard 5'8 (Virginia Rocstars14 u)
Donavan is an elite athlete. He uses his athleticism to get in transition and make acrobatic plays at the rim. His athleticism was in full display in his last game of the evening as he had 10 points in the first half. He does a good job of running the floor wide because at a young age he understand the importance of keep the floor spaced. He also does a good job of rebounding the basketball. As he continue to work on his game on the offensive end I would like to see him get stronger to be able to finish through it.