Over the Memorial Day weekend, Phenom Hoops was in Greensboro watching some highly talented, yet some underrated prospects competing.

Supporting a great cause to the Wounded Warrior Project, here are a few players that caught the eyes of our scouts.

2021 6’1 Bailey Wiseman (TMP 16u)

  • Bailey brings it every time he steps on the floor. He is a player that is tough and plays with grit.  He showcased the ability to play with either hand, using his quick change of pace and tight dribble to find that opening offensively.  Speaking of his change of pace, he uses that to his advantage big time with his quick feet and quick pull-up, as his mid-range jumper is something special.  Wiseman displayed that “go get a bucket” mentality and it is something that many players don’t have.

2020 6’6 Bernard Pelote (Team United 2021)

  • With a combination of skill, length, size, athleticism, and versatility, Pelote has a ton of tools that immediately stand out to scouts and should do the same to college coaches. He rebounds at a high level but with his ability, you can use him in so many areas on the floor. Pelote has a quick bounce off the floor that allows him to put back second-chance points and he runs the floor extremely well.

2020 6’1 Jake Ledbetter (NC Spartans 17u)

  • Ledbetter has been a known name around Phenom Hoop Report but he continues to play his game and find success. When you watch his game, you have to immediately appreciate his high IQ on the floor, making the right passes, setting his teammates up, or knocking down a “smart” shot.  He plays low to the floor but is much stronger than people may think, as he can battle off opponents.

2021 6’3 RJ Felton (Team United 2021)

  • Felton is a strong and sturdy player that is a two-way player on both ends of the floor. He can initiate the offense and play within the team or he can take it upon himself with his strong build and toughness.  Loved his ability to play multiple positions on offense and defense.

2019 6’4 Miles Ray (Fayetteville Flash 17u)

  • Ray is that unsigned senior that coaches may want to start paying attention to. He plays at his own pace and at a smooth one at that but he can be effective inside and out scoring wise.  Today, he showed that he can knock down on multiple levels, stretch the floor, and finishes strong.