Phenom puts on a ton of events every year but few hold as warm a spot in our hearts as the David Rose MDC. Part of this event goes to help the Wounded Warrior Project so that means we get great ball for a great cause. As a vet myself, I am very appreciative of what Phenom does with this event so it is always an honor to be in for this event. If you missed out on the talent in the gym this weekend don't worry, we got you covered. Some of the names and games to know from day 2 of this event are as follows:

Brandon Beidleman, 5'9 2019 G with Team United 17u ''Saw this kid play twice'on Sunday'and each time we walked away impressed by his speed, motor, and all-around game. Brandon may be on the small side but he has 'by-you' type speed and good handles and when he decides to go not many in the gym are going to hang with him. Kid is tougher than he looks as well as proven by his willingness and ability to go fight off bigger on the glass. PG skill here to be had as well as he dished out multiple assists all day long. Size will be a factor against him to be sure but dude has some game to him.

Donald Hill, 6'4 2019 W with Team United 17u'' Kid seems to always be in the right place when on the court. We watched him work twice today and each time he gave a steady effort with decent production. He came off the bench in this one and played all 5 spots on the defensive end of the floor. Not really what position you play him at though as he's not a guard or a forward but, when he is on the floor he produces.

D'Angelo Elliot, 6'4 2019 W with Mooresville Magic 17u'' Dude comes out to play wearing a ninja-like headband like Danny in The Karate Kid then proceeds to kick his opponent right in the mouth with his game. Vocal player got hot from deep in the first half and once his confidence got the boost he was on from that point on. Be it off the pull up or off the catch-n-shoot, kid proved to be a problem for the defense all game long. Can be a bit careless with the ball at times and would love to see more consistency on the defensive end but there is more to like in him as a player than just the headband that's for sure.

Myles Washington, 6'3 2019 F with Mooresville Magic 17u'' Strong but undersized power player muscled his way to production in the one we caught. Showed some explosion to his game, getting up over the rim a few times but does his work mostly below the rim. He is not the quick twitch player teams covet nor does he show the range on the jumper but if you want someone that will come in and fight you inside and make life tough all game long, you can do a lot worse than this young man.

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