By; Gerroid Doughty

D1 Dynasty Lions are packed with high quality players. Coach Ryan Robinson has put together one of the best youth basketball programs in our countries First State. And possibly the Mid Atlantic US. Let’s start with the Guards #’s 5 Jaquan Fletcher, 11 Ryan Robinson, & 4 Trey Voshell are hardnosed ready to play each game. The complement each other and no one plays out of character. This is a high basketball IQ back Court. 2nd row the wings DeAndre Gourdine (a Young Bull inside the paint), Kaheim Kimbrough-Roach (a Slasher/shooter) Jaelin Joyner (a lanky leaper) lead a balanced crew of perimeter to post. On Defense or on Offense they are not backing down. This team is well rounded and has more times of brilliance than mental lapses. Be sharp when they line up across from you or you might just hear the Roar of these Lions!!