Over the next few days, Jason Porter will be bringing you some standouts.

CP3 Live period is underway in Winston Salem this weekend and as a result a ton of talent has descended onto the Triad. Over the next few days I will be bringing you a few of the standouts from the field. Reviews are as follows:

Adrian Scarborough, 6'4 2018 G at Millbrook HS'' Every time I see this kid work I walk away impressed with his effort as well as his game. He's not the kid that wows you with highlight reel moves or anything like that but he is very efficient and fundamentally sound in his game. He has a nice skill level but its his motor that makes that skill set that much more effective. Adrian is one of those kids that even if he was not as good a player as he is he'd still be a productive piece on the floor based on hustle alone. Kid is growing on me more and more each time I see him go.

Trey Murphey, 6' 2018 G at Cary Academy'' Another tournament another great showing for this sweet shooting guard from the RDU area. Kid is one of the better shooters in the state I have seen for his class and has proved he can get his shot off versus any team he faces. I still need to see him move more without the ball as he has a tendency to be a spot up kid at this point but at least he is a really really good spot up guy. If he moved more without the ball or showed more on the ball it would make him even more dangerous on the offensive end. Still, anyone that can shoot like this kid can is going to get a look. Another great showing, he was 9 for 13 from 3 in game one!

Jalen Johnson, 6' 2018 G at Northern HS'' It's almost awkward how much I love this kids game at this point, lol. I love point guards as a rule and this kid is a stud at the position. He's strong, quick, got a great motor, takes care of the ball, has good vision'..just all you'd want a PG to be really. Add that to the fact he can break you off the dribble, is a strong rebounder, and can defend and you get the idea of what I am talking about. All he lacks is the ideal size (6'3 or so) but his strength and motor more than compensate for those few inches he lacks. Kid is a next level PG and a top flight baller in general.

Jordan Love, 6'4 2018 G at Voyager Academy'' Each time I see this kid I see an easy scorer doing his thing. He is long and athletic and has a ton to work with but he always seems to be stuck in cruise mode out on the floor to me. With this kids ability he can take over a game if he wanted to but that does not seem to be how h is wired. He is content to let the game come to him which is not a bad thing its just that knowing what he can do I expect to see more from him at times. More intensity on all aspects of his game (def and reb especially) would help this kids stock out tremendously.

Demetric Horton, 6'4 201 W at Garner HS'' Demetric is a kid I have watched a few times now and is growing on me as a player. He has a nice motor and plays with plus energy but you can tell everything about his game right now is just on instincts as he can be a little all over the place with his game. Each time I have seen him play he has produced a solid box score and now he is starting to show more range on his jumper. As he continues to learn how to play the game and better learn how to use his instincts I think you will see more and more people start to appreciate what he can do on the floor.

Lots more more to come this week so be on the lookout. Until next time, see you in the gym!

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