By: Kevin Moses

This star-studded event had plenty to offer with a collection of the best talent from the class of 26-27 from all over the country and Canada. Competition was fierce and loaded with intense games. This venue had it all. But I locked in on the best shooters I could find and picked the 10 best that I saw. They didn’t keep stats but these young stars put on a scoring clinic. Triple threat scoring ability one and all and they flexed that well. Couldn’t believe some of the athleticism displayed even by those wings with nice size. But a couple stood out defensively as well. In order this was my ranking.

1. Christopher Kirkpatrick 2026 Illinois

2. Austin Brown 2026 Texas

3. Gavin Placide' 2026 Colorado

4. Anthony Thompson 2026 Ohio

5. Colin Byrd 2026 Virginia

6. Cayden Daughtry 2027 Florida

7. Martay Barnes 2027 Florida

8. Bo Ogden 2026 Texas

9 Cade McGrachy 2027 Canada

10. Devin Cleveland 2027 Illinois