CP3 Live period is underway in Winston Salem this weekend and as a result a ton of talent has descended onto the Triad. Over the next few days I will be bringing you a few of the standouts from the field. Reviews are as follows:

Kaiden Rice, 6'6 2017 W at Ridge View HS – Long and active wing player looks every bit the part of what a next level player should look like. He has a very active game to him and with those loooong arms of his he seems to get his hands on just about everything in his vicinity. Another thing that stood out to me was the type of effort he gave on defense as he was just as engaged on this side of the floor as he was on the offensive end. He has the frame to add muscle to easily and the type of game that would make each pound of muscle added that much more effective. Nice looking athlete already sporting an offer from American, don't be surprised if more follow after a strong showing.

PJ Fenton, 6'6 2019 W at Green Hope HS – Green Hope always seems to have a lights out shooter on hand and PJ looks to be next in that line. He is money from deep and only needs a second to get his shot off. At 6'6 he has the height needed to get a clean look off most any close out he will face. With his length and ability to shoot like he has he is an automatic match up issue each time you put him on the floor. Check him small and he shoots over you. Check him big and you open the lane for drives. Either way this kid helps his team to beat you. This kid is a weapon out on the floor and if he can continue to fine tune the rest of his game he will end up being a beast in his class.

JaDun Michael, 2020 6'5 W at Turrrentine MS – Everything about this kid suggests that he is going to be not just a player but one to watch in the 2020 class. He has a plus motor for his age and is the type of athlete that can hang with anyone he faces up against. The upside on this kid is stupid which is scary considering he could have easily contributed on a lot of the varsity teams I watched this year as an 8th grader. He still a work in progress in many ways but he is young and time is on his side. Mark it down now, kids gonna be a good one.

Jacolbe Cowan, 6'5 2020 F at Kannapolis MS – It's not often you find a big with his size and length as active as Jacolbe is at his age group. He is built like a LT in football but has good feet and hands for the basketball court. He has a good motor inside but he is going to have to work on his conditioning if he wants to be able to get up and down at the pace his team wants to go for longer stretches. He has a strong inside game and is a good rebounder so he has a lot of good stuff to work with here. If he dedicates himself to ball and works on his game/body some he could be a handful.

Tristen Perry, 6' 2019 G at Greensboro Day – I have seen this kid work a few times over the summer and each time I walk away a bigger admirer of his game. He is solid on the ball as he has great command when working through traffic. He is slick with it and has the vision and confidence to throw any pass at any time. He can step out and hit the 3 but is at his best when picking his spots and attacking. He can still try to put too much on it at times which is frustrating considering he'd look much better if he just allowed his talent to shine through. Still, a good PG is hard to find and this kid has the makings to be a very good one. He is one that's on my radar for sure and soon to be on coaches radars as well.

Lots more to come this week so be on the lookout. Until next time, see you in the gym!

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