6’0 2021 Bobby Pettiford CP3- Bobby is an aggressive and athletic scoring guard who can hurt you in a variety of ways. Bobby is lightning quick with nice bounce which allows him to get to the rim and finish over defenders. People are also forced to respect his jumper with the efficiency that he shoots off the catch with. These things go into what makes Bobby a threat to give you 20 everytime he steps on the floor.

5’5 Jireek Washington SQBA- While he is very small in size Jireek uses his quickness to get into the paint and create for his teammates well. Jireek was able to beat opposing guards off the bounce and force the bigs to help up which lead to several dump off baskets for his forwards who were camped in the short corner areas.

6’4 2020 Matthew Patterson Boo Williams- Matthew possess a unique blend of craftiness and athleticism when driving to the basket. He highlighted the ability to finish above the rim with 2 hands but, he also showed that a little bit of finesse when driving. The next step for Matthew is to improve his jump shot just enough to make opponents respect it to open his driving lanes even more.

6’1 2020 Aaron Ross- Aaron is a high-level athlete who finds numerous ways to effect the game using his quickness and bounce. He gets his hands on a lot of loose balls and rebounds which helps his team in a lot of ways. Everything Aaron does might not always show up in the scoresheets, but he makes a lot of winning plays.

6’4 2020 Seth Aeschiliman- Seth has a big and strong body that he uses to carve out space and finish through contact. Seth converted several and 1’s that most kids his age aren’t even strong enough to get up onto the backboard. If Seth can find a way to grow 2/3 more inches in the next couple of years and continues to get even stronger he could develop into a nice prospect.

6’5 2020 Isiah Blue Charlotte Panthers- Very fundamentally sound big man with soft hands. Isiah did a good job of catching the ball and keeping it high enough where nobody else on the court could bother his shot. He also showed nice looking form on his jump shot out to 18 feet.

5’5 2020 Xavier Kinlaw MB Phenoms- Very small guard but he shot the ball at a high level in this game. He was able to extend his range 3-4 feet behind the line which helped him get his shot off. He also looked very good in their press on the ball. Xavier uses his small size to his advantage by staying low and turning opposing point guards several times.