I am even more excited to see the second day of action. Than I was for the first day. Last night I found out all the hotels were booked. This weekend Travel Team Basketball has officially taken over Greensboro, NC.

2022 5’7” Elijah White Academy Prep 14u was a dynamo this morning. Nothing sets up the day like a player who’s ready to play early in the morning. He scored 11 of his 19 points in the first half of action. Quick from end to end. I barely could see the numbers on his jersey.

2020 5’11 Noel Stock Va Havoc 16u 4 for 9 on threes. He has a dead eye from long range. Most guys may shoot just because he shoots with a purpose. He was able to shoot it coming off screens or spotting up. Noel has good shot mechanics and a good release stroke. Scary thing is he still has room to improve.

2020 6’5” Jake Matherne Team Explosion 16u was a beast inside this game. He was on the Offensive and Defensive boards. Straight cleaning up the glass. 6 of his 19-points came from offensive rebound put backs. Used his size to create space underneath the basket to make his job easier.

2021 6’1” Brandon Brown Team Explosion 13 points but none bigger than his two explosive dunks that got the crowd here out of their seats! He especially surprised me with his hops. Brandon has great lift and can dunk with force over taller defenders. He also played lights out defense. Keeping his man in front of him most of the game.

2021 6’2” Christian Cornish Upward Stars 15u 13-point performance was key to his team’s success. Notably he made very good decisions during the game and played with heart and soul. Which is something a lot of players must taught. I want to keep an eye on his progression.

2021 6’5” Treyvon Byrd North Carolina ICE. Wow this kid has a box full of basketball tools. If you have a question about his game. IT’s not what he can do well it’s what he can’t do well. He handles in the open floor. Sets up teammates so they can score. He rebounds, He plays perimeter and Post Defense. He shots it from mid-range. He scores around the rim. He shots if from 3. He penetrated and kicked to open teammates. In this game he had 15 points but was key in helping his team get the comeback win.

2021 Ryan Roberts North Carolina Ice calmly knocked down shots when the pressure was on. With his team down, he was composed got open and proceeded to take shots only when needed. He plays for the right team because he has ice water in his veins. All in all he had 15 points making 5 3’s.

2020 6’2 Zy’Ever Wingfield Cap City Ballerz. I had solid performances today and yesterday. But today he was slightly better. He showed more fluidity in his movements. Zy’Ever the ball well and scored as the defense gave him opportunities to do so.

2021 6’1” Cole Sinclair Durham Hurricanes. Cole was this game M.I.P. Most Important Player. He makes his team go. They have a different identity when he’s in the game. His ball handling skills and basketball IQ are advanced for his age. Cole has penetrating ability with a very quick first step that covers a lot of ground. He finds teammates in traffic because he has his heads and eyes up. He kept a positive attitude al game. It seemed to rub off on his teammates.

Gerroid Doughty