6’2 2020 Demar Johnson Team Synergy- Demar was able to score the ball well in this game. This was also accompanied by several nice passes that lead to baskets off his pass or the “one more” pass. He showed nice range on his jump-shot hitting 4 three pointers and the ability to get to the basket. Demar is a nice lead scoring option for this Team Synergy team.

6’8 2020 Myles Evans Nc Empire Go Hard- Myles is a very intriguing prospect because he’s so big and skilled but he’s still young. He is very good in the high post knocking down the jumper or on the low black going over his right shoulder. Another aspect that he posses is the ability to beat slower defenders off the dribble on the perimeter. The next step I would like to see Myles take is to improve his right-handed post moves to make him even more dangerous.

6’3 2020 MJ Wilkerson Nc Empire Go Hard- MJ is long, athletic, and active this allows him to make a lot of plays on both ends. I think from an offensive standpoint MJ best in transition however, he showed the ability to beat his man or hit the catch and shoot jumper in a half court setting. As MJ continues to sharpen his ball handling and shooting efficiency he will develop into a good prospect.

6’1 2019 Norman Nowell Team Vision- This is Norman’s first weekend playing with this Team Vision team and he is integrating into their system very nicely. Norman was able to be a nice catch and shoot option showing the ability to play off his teammates. Once he hit a few jumpers early he was able to use the defender’s hard closeouts to get to the basket against them. Norman is another guy who you just have to hope he can grow a few more inches which would help his recruitment a ton.

6’4 2019 Joe’L Pettiford- Joe’L is a very active player who is a super athlete and he uses these things to make a lot of plays for his team. He uses his athleticism to get his hands on a lot of rebounds both offensive and defensive. He can also move laterally enough to defend numerous positions. Joe’L has good touch around the basket well enough to finish at a high level.

6’3 2018 Deanglo Elliott-  When Deanglo puts his head down and gets into attack mode he is a very hard to stop. He is a capable shooter which makes him a good all-around scorer. When he hits a couple jump shots it opens everything up for him to get to the basket and become very dangerous.

6’5 2019 Benjamin Lubarsky- Benjamin is a guy who comes out and competes very hard on each possession. He makes a lot of plays on the offensive end for his team off the bounce and is a great option for a catch and shoot. He did all this against a very talented CP3 EYBL team. He’s a guy that you can always put on the court because he’s a playmaker.

6’7 2019 Dericko Williams- Dericko is a bigtime athlete who makes a lot of things happen for this CP3 team. He will dunk everything from the high post and provides the toughness that this team needs. He is perfectly fine in the enforcer role doing all the dirty work. With that being said when he catches the ball in the mid post he has very good footwork to get to the rim.

6’6 2019 Josiah James- A 5 star recruit it’s easy to see why the first time you watch him. He passes the ball at a level that few other people can. Seems to make the right read every time and possesses elite size for his skill set. I would like to see Josiah again with a talent level more similar to his own but it’s easy to see why schools are so high on him.