17U Palmetto Elite Jamal Edmonson 6'6

Jamal has a strong college ready body. He's a two way player that has a good motor and loves to compete. Did a very good job of commanding the boards and makes winning plays.

Rocky Mount Mavericks 2019 ' Javen Jones 6'1

Athletic guard that played very well today. He plays really good defense off the ball as he had a couple block shot from his help side position. He is difficult to guard because he has a very quick step and does a good job of using his athleticism to avoid shot blockers. He had 14 points all in the second half.

Rocky Mount Mavericks 2019 Devonte Wiggins 6'4

Devonte displayed that he can score the basketball on all three-levels. He has a great day scoring 17 game high points in the game. He does a great job of moving without the basketball. He also had some tough rebounds at the end of the game to close and finish out the game.

Team Wall 2019 Jalen Joiner 6'3

Jalen has a great motor. What I like about him is he uses his length and athleticism to get his hands on rebounds on both the defensive and offensive ends of the floor. He does really well in transition running the floor and getting ahead of the basketball where he is able to finish above the rim. Love his tenacity on the defensive side of the floor where he is so active in the front of the zone.

U17 Moorseville Magic Caleb McCreed 6'0

Caleb is his team defensive stopper. He can play defense on and of the basketball. Does a good job of deflecting passes when he is in the passing lanes. He has off the charts anticipation skills and an uncanny knack of getting his hands on the basketball. His offense isn't too bad either as he was able to hit some wide open looks and finish some layups in transition.

17U Carolina Wolves 6'11 Julian Steinfield

This was my first time watching Julian play but he strikes me as a good prospect standing 6'11 with long arms and very good athleticism as he finished multiple time with drop step dunks from the block. What makes him unique is that he has a very nice touch on his jump shot. 'I was very impressed at how he was able to repeatedly knock down shots from the pick and roll. From I hear he hasn't played in the United States long so the offers are pretty slow right now but I expect from the to pick up soon because the secret is out.

Team CP3 17U 6'1 Kobe Langley

We know what he does on the defensive side of the ball; yes give your give your point guard fits but he does some unique things on the offensive side of the ball too. Kobe was automatic from the arc today. He is stepping to his jump shot with a lot of confidence. With his explosive first step he is able to get anywhere on the floor he wants. His recruiting has really started to pick up as of late with a lot of colleges calling and taking notice of this explosive guard.

Team CP3 17U 6'1 Keyshuan Langley

Keyshaun had a typical day doing what Langey's do. His excellent on ball defense force his opponents in to turnovers early in game. Keyshaun shooting has improved some as he continually knocked down jumpers with a hand in his face. You can see that he has such a high IQ as he does an efficient job of running the team. He does a good job of identifying his personnel on the floor and sets teammates up for open looks at the baskets. One thing that excited me about him today was how he's starting to get more athletic as he caught an alley-oop from a teammate and finished with two hands.

Team CP3 17U Dericko Williams

This kid is a walking highlight reel. He is an elite athlete this is so big strong. Always plays the game with a chip on his shoulder. He has tons of bounce and he's a monster on the boards. On the defensive end he's a rim protector as he makes opponents think twice be for driving the basketball to basket. He showed cased some really footwork from the short corner and mid post. Will be able to help a team right away on the next level.

NC Top Flight Christian Martin 6'3

Good athlete that plays above the rim. Martin had a couple of rim shaking dunks today. He has always been a good rebounder that can finish around the rim. But you can tell the Martin has been in the lab as he has turned himself in to a knock down shooter. He really surprise me with the added on skill of his ball handling as he was able to rebound the ball and bring it up to start the offense. His hard work has paid dividends as college coaches have started to take notice of his skill development.

Upward Stars Charlotte 17U Quinten Thomas 6'4

First time seeing this kid play but what really stuck out to me was his ability to get his teammates to play up to his level. He's a born leader as he continued to encourage his teammates with his positive energy. He can score it with the best of them using his college ready body to score at will. He is a three-level scorer with a great IQ. Look for his offers to pick up as he had 20+ college coaches watching him play.

NC Spartans East U17' Robert Landry 6'5

With Robert's size he could step in and play mid major D1 basketball without a question. The 6'5 shooter has the size and the toughest. Shot the ball really all over the floor today. He is surprising a good rebounder as he is not afraid to get in the paint and do some dirty work. He did a great job of defending on and off of the basketball. I expect his recruiting to pick up as college see all the intangibles he can bring to a program.

NC Spartans U19 Troy Griggs 6'0 '

Tough as nails' This kids just has a toughness about him that rubs off on his teammates. He attacks the basket downhill making defenders help off their man. He has a very high IQ and seems to always make the right play rather it's taking it to the basket himself or passing the ball out to open shooters. He is hard defend because there is usually shooters all around him. On defense, he never backs down and is usually on the other team's best ball handler.

D1 Dynasty 6'1 Elijah Allen

The kid from Delaware welcome himself to the NC Hoop State! One of the best scorers I seen all weekend as this combo guard was hitting three pointers from the volleyball line consistently and effortlessly. At one point the opposing coach said he would have to play a box and one on him to stop him and that didn't work as he finished the game with 32 points. Not only did he score it basketball on all three levels he was aggressive on defense and rebounding the ball. He was able to get a couple of steals and score the ball in transition. This kid was playing up an age group he is actually a 2020 kid. Scary that he has another two years of high school. College coaches need to start buy stock on this kid now!

Durham Hurricanes U17 Jevon Johnson 6'1

Guard that can score the basketball. He did good job of hunting his shots in transition as he played with a lot of unselfish teammates that made sure they found him. He is a good athlete as he was able to get out in transition and finish plays with some nice dunks. He knocked down four three pointers in the game and finished with 27 points.