Today is Friday the 1st day of games for CP3 Live 2018. I was excited to see the action as this event had some very good teams participating. I knew the day was going to filled with highs and lows as some team will perform as expected and some for whatever reason will not. These were my stand out players from Proehlific Park court 3.

2021 6’8” Tariq Underwood Team Vision Elite 16u has a big body and a wide frame. He has a soft touch at the rim. Although he’s still young he has some good post skills. He surprised me with his use of the backboard on his basket attempts & ability to get up and down the floor. Which is something young players of his size struggle with sometimes. He finished the game with 10 points 14 Rebounds & 4 blocks.

2020 6’3” Dhieu Deing Team Phoenix 16u is a point guard with good court vision. He’s able to see the play ahead and make the pass. He has a smooth game with pin point passing. He still needs to work on taking full control if the team. When he’s on defense, he’s able to disrupt the ball handler and force him into a errant pass. I like his energy, attitude, and athletic ability.

2020 5’11” Walker Posey Cap City Ballerz 16u I know you hear the phrase a lot, but he does play bigger than he is. He can penetrate the defense and create matchup problems because his quickness. He shot the ball good today at close range, mid-range, & long range. Kept his team in the game by scoring timely baskets. He finished the game with 16.

2019 6’4” Deshawn Price Cap City Ballerz is a big boy. He knows how to use his body. Has good Footwork and agility for his size. He played extremely well versus the taller players on the opposing team. He is very quick on his 2nd and 3rd jumps for rebounds. I like that he has reliable back to the basket moves. He had 13 points, but he made his presence felt on each one.

2022 6’3” Kheni Briggs Team CP3 15u is one to watch. HE showed the ability to make things happen on both ends of the court. His basketball IQ is above average. He moves without the ball. Came on strong in the 2nd half when a lot of guys slow down.

2022 6’3” Freddie Dilione Team CP3 15u has a good grasp of the game. He was able to affect the game without scoring a bunch of points. He does things on the court to help his team that don’t show up on the stat sheet. His 14 points was nothing compared to all the other things he did.

2021 6’7” Eric Van Der Heijden Team Wall 15u made 7 3-point shots 21 points all on 3’s. You don’t run across many who can shoot it this good so consistently. With his size he was able to shoot over defenders. I would like to see him add a mid-range shot to his game with the same accuracy as his 3-point shot.

2021 6’1” Christian Taylor Carolina Rip Tide has everything for his team today. He was Mr. Offense, Mr. Defense, & Mr. Hustle. There wasn’t an aspect of the game that he did not influence today. She shot well from inside the arch, beyond the arch, & from the line. He dropped 29 points!

2021 5’9” Jordan Timmons Team Winston 15u I like when he’s on the court. He knows how to lead a team. I was impressed with his passing and ability to score when the team needed him to. He scored a team high 14 points so I ‘m eager to see him play again.

2022 6’ Christian Johnson NC Empire Go Hard 15u was a catalyst for his team today. Defensively when he came into the game the whole team upped their defensive pressure. He poured in 17 points. He handles the ball well and was able to get his teammates involved offensively. Great play from a middle schooler playing up.

2021 6’7” Julius Peacock NC Empire Go Hard 15u is long and lengthy. Needs to improve on his footwork a bit but overall, he moves well. Bothers shooter when they enter the paint. I was impressed with his ability to hold the ball up high and keep it away from smaller defenders. He has springs and gets up for rebounds effortlessly. He ran the floor and even showed that he could cover the show and go on defense. If he’s not on your radar he should be.

2022 5’11” Cameron Lutterloh Mid State Magic Sports 14u exploded for 27 points in a 46 -41 tight game victory over Rock Nation Impact. He got to the basket almost seemingly at will. And when he did he was able to get defenders to foul him. He also made all his free throws. A perfect 5 for 5. He added a 3-point shot late in the game for good measure. An overall Fabulous performance.

Gerroid Doughty