It is that time of year again, college basketball is starting up. This is a time we like to go through to open gyms, see all the high school talent in our region, but also make stops through the colleges, see the players, sit through practices and overall get the feel of the season for each of them.

Also during this time, college releases their rosters for the upcoming season. We like to go through and see what kind of footprint Phenom Hoops has on the college landscape.

Just yesterday we released an article with all of the guys who came through Phenom Hoops camps, who are on the NBA2k20 game. In all, there were 36 players on NBA rosters. Let’s take a look at the college basketball landscape for the 2019-20 season.

In all, there are 453 Division 1 basketball players who played in Phenom Hoops events.

Overall there are 203 programs throughout Division 1 basketball who have at least 1 player who participated in Phenom Hoops events on their roster. That is 58.8% of the schools, a pretty significant number.

There are 21 Division 1 programs who have 5 or more players who played in Phenom Hoops events on their rosters. Let’s take a look at the programs with the most …
1. Western Carolina – 8
2. Indiana State – 7
Charleston – 7
Liberty – 7
Charlotte – 7
6. Appalachian State – 6
UNC-Greensboro – 6
Citadel – 6
USC-Upstate – 6

There are 32 conferences in Division 1 basketball, and of the 32, 31 of them have at least one player who played in Phenom Hoops events. Two of those 32 conferences have at least on player on every roster within their conference, Big South and Southern Conference. Here are the conferences who have the most …
1. Big South – 48
2. ACC – 45
3. SoCon – 38
4. Atlantic 10 – 25
5. American Athletic – 24
6. Conference USA – 23
7. SEC – 22
8. Colonial – 21

Taking a look at the Pre-Season top 10, eight of the top ten teams have players who played in Phenom Hoops events on them. More so, seven of those ten teams subscribe to the NCAA compliant Phenom Hoop Report.

Pre-Season Top 10
1. Michigan State
2. Louisville
3. Kentucky
4. Duke
5. North Carolina
6. Kansas
7. Florida
8. Gonzaga
9. Maryland
10. Texas Tech

**Kentucky and Gonzaga are the two programs who do not have a player who participated in Phenom Hoops events on their roster.

Phenom Hoops was founded by Rick Lewis in 2003. Since 2013 the organization has expanded its menu from just exposure camps to offering high school invitationals and summer travel ball events. In the 2019 calendar year, Phenom Hoops hosted 45 events, having over 20,000 prospects walk through its doors.

Phenom Hoops; mark on the basketball landscape, as you can see, is significant, and we haven’t even been able to deep dive into Division 2, Division 3, Juco and NAIA rosters yet.

36 players on full NBA contracts…453 players playing Division 1 basketball.

Here is a look at Phenom Hoops remaining events for the 2019 year (we have high school jamborees and individual camps) … Don’t miss this opportunity