The state of North Carolina is certainly shaping up to be a special year this upcoming high school season, as this is a state loaded with special and talented teams, whether it is public school, private school, or independents around the area.  We are looking early on at the independent schools, as there are plenty of teams that have a chance to be part of the national rankings this year, much like they have in the past.

Could this be the deepest year yet for independents' Possibly when you look at the schools that could be in the national spotlight.  Schools like Combine Academy, Word of God, Winston Salem Christian, Moravian Prep, and 1of1 Academy could make claims of being in the national spotlight at some point this upcoming season. It starts with how talented these rosters are looking heading into the season.

Combine Academy:

2024 Rakease Passmore, 2024 Jayan Walker, 2024 Jahseem Felton, 2024 Paul Jones, 2026 Elhadji Diallo, 2026 Rivers Knight, 2024 Chandler Watts, and so many others will bring a balanced and deep team to the court.  Combine is no stranger to the national rankings, and that trend could only continue with the talent they have this year.

Winston Salem Christian:

2025 Jordan Lowery, 2024 Isaiah Washington, 2024 Tybo Bailey, 2024 Lewis Walker, 2024 Chol Machot, 2024 Brayden Crump, 2024 CJ Vaughn, and a slew of other players bring a well-balanced team to the court, and head coach Antonio Lowe will certainly be fired up once again in helping lead the charge.

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Word of God:

2024 Jordan Vick, 2024 Paul McNeil, 2024 Jayden Quaintance, 2024 Isaiah Otyaluk, 2024 Clash Peters, 2025 Zion Collins, 2026 Josiah Sanders, and others will certainly allow Word of God to bring firepower from an array of positions.

Moravian Prep:

2025 Eli Ellis, 2024 Abu Yarmah, 2026 Isaac Ellis, 2024 Evan Mortan, 2024 Miles Beard, 2024 Dwayne Williams, 2024 Jalik Nicholls, and several others will allow Coach Ellis and company to run and gun, spread the floor once again, and bring a deep roster to the court again.

1of1 Academy:

2026 Yohance Connor, 2025 Gevonte Ware, 2026 LJ Rush, 2025 Taye Smith, 2024 Sebastian Akins, 2026 Jeremiah Jackson, 2025 Christian Wilkins, along with others will all be back on the court as this is a team that continues to develop chemistry, can get it done on both ends, competes, and have only continued to develop their game. 

These programs certainly have a chance to make a lot of noise, and we fully expect them to do just that as well as battle it out throughout the year.  But all could be seeing their names listed in national rankings this year if they can put it together and rack up the wins.