By; Cooper Hart

After two weekends of the HoopState League East, I’ve created a list of names that are in contention for awards. The list will be cut down after pool play finishes, and winners will be announced after the finals on the 23rd. There will be a Most Outstanding Player, 3 all-east teams, and 2 all-defense teams.

Most Outstanding Player Semifinalists

Colt Langdon (’25) – 6’8” Wing – Chris Clemons Elite

Colt has scored 20+ in 3 of his 4 games so far while leading CC Elite to a 2-2 record against one of the toughest schedules in the East. With games against Raleigh Eagles and We’ll Talk Soon on the slate this weekend, he will need to go 2-0 with efficient performances against scrappy teams. Combine a 2-0 weekend with a deep tournament run and Colt will look like a prime candidate to win the top honor.

Freddie Dillione (’23) – 6’5” Guard – Holy Rams Purple

Freddie didn’t play in the first weekend and then dominated the second. He had the best individual weekend of anyone so far, but with Holy Rams Purple not on the schedule for the 3rd and final day, he will need a truly elite tournament run to win the top award.

Isaiah Coleman (’23) – 6’4” Guard – Holy Rams Gold

Isaiah is the leader of one of the best two teams in the league. His 15.5 PPG is 4th on the team, but he has been the best player on the floor in every game he has played. He is on this list because of his ability to impact the game with his scoring and creation, as well as his effort on defense. For him to win this award, he must dominate his matchups against Jackson Keith and Jakel Powell this weekend.

Jackson Keith (’25) – 6’5” Guard – Durham Hurricanes

Jackson made his case for MOP when he led his team to a convincing win over CC Elite. Jackson had 24 in that game and was dominant on both ends of the floor. For him to push for this award he must continue to win head-to-head matchups and pick up quality wins in the 3rd weekend.

Micah Jones (’23) – 5’11” Guard – The Springs

Micah has been the best player so far for one of the top teams in the East. He led them in tough losses to Holy Rams Purple and Holy Rams Gold, along with a great performance in their win over Spartans. Micah will get his co-star Collin Kuhl back this weekend and will have two big chances to play his way into being an award finalist with matchups against Jackson Keith and Jake Hart.

Xavier Johnson (’24) – 6’4” Guard – We’ll Talk Soon

Xavier has been the most prolific scorer through two weeks with a total of 90 points in four games. Team success is the biggest question mark on his resume now, as he sits with a 1-3 record against a decent schedule. Xavier will get the chance to prove himself as he goes against Brandon Callahan, Gabe Cerda, and CC Elite this weekend. A 2-0 day and continued scoring will put Xavier in a great spot.

Zion Walker (’24) – 6’2” Guard – Spartans

Zion is another guy that is a victim of a 1-3 record. Having played the top two toughest schedules in the league, and getting two more tough games this weekend, Zion has played great against most every top matchup that he has had. This excellence against the top players is what puts him on this elite list, and to rise to the top he will need to win this weekend against Juice Allstars and NC GBB.

All-East Semifinalists (This list is in alphabetical order)

All-Defense Semifinalists (This list is in alphabetical order)