By: Cooper Hart

6’10” ’23 Yulian Montero (Florida Coastal Prep)

Montero was easily the most intriguing prospect I saw today thanks to his size, mobility, and ball skills. He’s 6’10” with a solid frame and plus-level quickness for his position. He displayed smooth and efficient shot mechanics in route to making four threes in the second half. His shooting flow was what made him so remarkable, hitting shots and looking comfortable in a handful of situations, fadeaways, pull-ups, step backs, put backs, catch & shoot, to name a few. His obvious floor and potential ceiling make him a prospect that is more than worth a look.

6’8” ’23 Bryce Wilkins (Franklin Prep National)

Wilkins finished with an efficient 30 points in the afternoon loss to BCP National. Despite the loss, he was arguably the best player on the court. He operated within his role and rarely forced shots that weren’t within his comfort zone. He was probably the best and most prolific inside finisher I saw all day, scoring on putbacks and dump offs consistently through contact. Having a high motor, low-maintenance big that can run the floor and finish with variety is rare to find and Wilkins fits that mold.

6’6” ’23 Gabriel Almeida (Florida Coastal Prep)

Almeida is a tall, strong, hybrid forward that can score at every level. He operated as FCP’s main off-ball option, running off screens and working as the secondary initiator next to the lead guard duo of Gustavo Cassini and Michael Ribiero. His comfort zone was the mid-range, hitting shots off screens and off the bounce in that 10–15-foot area. Despite being the main scoring option, he didn’t waste a ton of dribbles or take many bad shots. His efficiency and high floor make him a clearly enticing 2023 prospect.

6’5” ’24 Izaah Cannon (Olympus Prep Academy)

Cannon was a fun watch in OPA’s opening round win, finishing with 20 points in an efficient manner. He’s a wiry and athletic guard/wing that has great versatility on both sides of the ball. He thrives mainly as a scorer and impressed me with his ability to shoot out of different angles, footwork, and situations. Length, feel, and athleticism are always a good combination for college level defenders and that’s exactly what he has. He’s a plus-level athlete and should translate nicely into a college program.

6’5” ’24 Khyelle Ingram (Bull City Prep National)

Ingram was impressive in BCP National’s opening round win over FPA. It’s obvious what he brings to the table as a sheer athlete, but his primary creation ability is what’s so intriguing. For a downhill, finish through contact guard, he has great feel for where his teammates are and more than enough creativity to get them the ball in tight spots. He’s deceptive as a passer and makes great reads on and off the ball. Ingram’s size gives him the ability to play either guard spot at the next level and be a matchup nightmare at either one.