This past weekend, Phenom Hoops hosted the Tyler Lewis Hoopfest at Forsyth Country Day in Lewisville, North Carolina. It was a loaded event with many of the top in-state teams, in addition to multiple nationally known programs from outside North Carolina'like Hamilton Heights. The program itself has been incredibly successful over the years, featuring a slew of yearly talent while regularly advancing players to the highest level of college basketball and beyond. It's no different with their current roster. Guys like Jordann Dumont and Somto Cyril receive a ton of headlines, and rightfully so, but there's something for various types of college coaches within this group. Take the sibling duo of Bryson and Camden Andrews, for example, and it's easy to envision them succeeding at a variety of scholarship-level programs. 

In looking at Bryson, who is smaller (5-foot-10) and younger (2024) between the two, it doesn't take long to identify his strengths. He might be slightly undersized, but he's an absolutely lethal shooting threat from the perimeter. Bryson is exceptional off the catch, but more than capable of attacking closeouts or generating clean looks within two to three dribbles. He moves very well without the ball to find open seams within the defense, and possesses the necessary mechanics and quick release to pretty much get off any shot he wants. Bryson can also initiate the offense as needed. Add in his IQ, defense, toughness, and phenomenal range, and he can make an impact alongside any collection of teammates. Though he's only a sophomore, coaches would be wise to get involved sooner than later. 

Meanwhile, Camden typically operates as the point guard for the Hawks. He's a 6-foot junior with excellent understanding of how to run a team on both ends of the floor. Camden displays IQ and phenomenal pace with the ball in his hands, able to reliably set up others while applying efficient scoring pressure from all levels. He's a very crafty ball-handler and passer who plays bigger than his size would imply. Camden is a reliable defender at the point of attack with a terrific blend of quickness, instincts, and sharp positioning. He's also a capable rebounder and knows how to highlight his open-floor speed in transition. Camden makes great decisions with the ball and maintains poise on both ends of the floor. He's clearly worthy of scholarship offers, and it's legitimately surprising that more schools haven't already gotten involved. Both Andrews should be coveted over the foreseeable future.