Each and every time Phenom Hoop Report gets to report or sees a commitment from a player we have seen over the years, it is always a fantastic day.  It is great to see players achieve their goal to play at the next level and it is such a great accomplishment for that player.

Here is the latest commitment.

Player: PJ Hall
Class: 2020
Committed to: Clemson

What Was Said by Phenom Hoops:

“Clemson being the only in-state school, they’ve done a great job recruiting me.  I had a great relationship with Lucas McKay who is now with UMKC.  Now, Coach Bender and Coach Brownell are recruiting me the most.” – PJ Hall in July 2019 about Clemson

“Upon the first time seeing Hall, it was almost an outright certainty that he would emerge into a HM-level player sooner than later. At six-foot-eight, he has more ways to hurt opponents on the court than many realize. Hall is already a force in the low post, showing the ability to finish with either hand from either block incredibly well; he has a vast array of tricky counters and ball fakes that warrant him easy buckets. He’s far more patient (with or without the ball) than a heavy majority of big men around the country and knows when to defer versus take it himself. In the two-man game, Hall is as close as they come to unstoppable; he is a great screen-setter with phenomenal rolling and popping capabilities. Most guys his age and height don’t possess the proper coordination or frame to carry out the game like he does. Hall is an efficient scorer on all three levels and has supreme confidence in his scoring ability (as he should). The vision he showcases is terrific; Hall has displayed the ability to handle the ball in transition and his decision-making abilities are beyond his years. His IQ is already at an elite level, along with almost every other facet of his game. Defensively, Hall understands how to use his IQ and length as well as anyone, and is able to single-handedly shut down an opposing fast break. He is very fundamental on the glass, boxing out every single time while looking to secure each rebound with two hands. Both of his parents are tall, former D1 athletes, and his sister is one of the top volleyball players in the country. For Hall to become anything other than a superstar would be uncharacteristic, especially given his advanced basketball abilities and genetic gifts.” – Jeff Bendel in a look back at Hall in 2019

“Hall has great footwork and understanding on the block. He displays consistent ability to go over both shoulders, with great pace once he catches the ball. He is able to find his spot on the floor and keep you on his hip. Hall has great length and easy vertical explosion. Naturally he is one of the greatest ever to do it, so we are not saying he is as good as him, but Hall’s game style is similar to Tim Duncan’s with his fundamental base, great length, pace of play and vertical athleticism.” – Phenom Hoops in 2017