Each and every time Phenom Hoop Report gets to report or sees a commitment from a player we have seen over the years, it is always a fantastic day.  It is great to see players achieve their goal to play at the next level and it is such a great accomplishment for that player.

Here is the latest commitment.

Player: Jalen Hood-Schifino
Class: 2022
Committed to: Pittsburgh

What the Player Said:

Q: What made Pittsburgh the place for you in the end and what factors went into your decision?

Hood-Schifino: “Pittsburgh is the hometown.  It has always been a dream for me to play in my hometown in front of my family and friends.  What Coach Jeff and Jason Capel are doing for the program is great.  Things have changed these past two years that they’ve been there and I feel like I want to be a part of it.  My mom and I built a strong relationship with them and they’ve kept it real with me from Day 1.”

Q: What made you want to commit now instead of wait?

Hood-Schifino: “I’ve been getting asked that a lot.  For me, why wait, if I know where I want to go.  I know how I feel about the program and like I said, I built a strong relationship with the coaches.  I’m committed now, so it’s time for me to just tap into another level and prepare for the ACC.”

Q: What did you tell the staff when you informed them about your decision?

Hood-Schifino: “I just told them that I was ready to commit and make this thing official.  They were excited and it was just a big moment for my family and me.”

Season Stats at Combine Academy:

Playing under one of the top coaches and staff in the country, Hood-Schifino has averaged 13.7 points, 7.3 assists, and 5 rebounds per game so far at Combine Academy.

What Was Said by Phenom Hoops:

“He’s a young point guard prospect with arguably the most unselfish, team-first approach from anyone at camp. Hood-Schifino has a brilliant way of leading by example at all times, setting the tone with his on-ball defense and making a clear point to get each of his teammates involved in the action. He possesses a truly incredible feel for the game and effortlessly navigates through traffic when attacking and looking to create for others. Hood-Schifino has excellent size for his position and simply exudes that “it” factor that other players simply do not possess. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his consistency from beyond the arc (which has already noticeably improved), as a knockdown three-point shot would make him virtually unstoppable. Coach Bernardi on Hood-Schifino: “Jalen is an absolute stud. He dominated one of the top guys in his class in a matchup. He can handle it, pass it, and is becoming a better shooter. Jalen is an unbelievable leader.” Hood-Schifino is already regarded as one of the top prospects in the Class of 2022, but it’s likely that he’ll only continue to improve over these next few years, which should be a scary sight for opponents.” – NC Top 80 in 2019

“Schifiino plays like an experienced veteran on the floor and a true floor general.  Over the last month, we have seen this young man elevate his play and play multiple styles.  Today, he was a distributor as well as a point guard that played with poise in finding the small openings to score.  Has nice touch on his shot.” – Patrick O’Brien from Hoops & Dreams 2019

“We have written extensively about his upside and potential, however his poise, maturity, and mannerisms on and off the court are even more important. First of all, Jalen is a consummate teammate and point guard. While he is truly physically gifted with his high basketball IQ, excellent ball-handling and tremendous court vision, he is one of the most unique players for his age in quite some time…  Jalen has a quiet confidence in his game and who he is as a player but also has a person. He listens intently and is always displaying excellent body language. He will always speak in a soft polite manner and will always answer you with a “yes sir or thank you sir.”  Rarely will you find a situation where he loses his composure no matter the setting or even playing up three age groups, you can always expect the same from Jalen.” – Rick Lewis