Each and every time Phenom Hoop Report gets to report or sees a commitment from a player we have seen over the years, it is always a fantastic day.  It is great to see players achieve their goal to play at the next level and it is such a great accomplishment for that player.

Here is the latest commitment.

Player: Bryce Alfino
Class: 2022
Committed to: Old Dominion

What the Player Said:

Phenom: How was this whole process for you and what did you enjoy all about it?
Alfino: The best way to put it is to say that it was like a rocket launch.  I came into July with nothing.  I haven’t played in front of coaches in more than a year.  That month of July really changed my life.  Since then, I’ve been blessed to receive offers from Division I schools.  I enjoyed the process. It is always a good feeling to be wanted especially after such a drought of having nothing.

Phenom: What made ODU the place for you in the end? What all went into your decision?
Alfino: I could feel the genuine love they had for my game and me as a person.  They know the importance of my mama for me.  So, I feel they will respect her and my circle.  The overall fit and chemistry we have is something I was proud to be a part of.

Phenom: How did you inform the staff of your decision?
Alfino: They came to watch me practice. After I was done, we went up to the meeting room. We talked for a little. I asked a couple of questions. Soon after, I said I was ready to commit and join the ODU family.

Phenom: What did they have to say?
Alfino: Very excited.  Got up to hug me and was hype for real.  I’ll always remember that moment.

Phenom: What are they hoping you can bring to the program?
Alfino: For me to play defense at a high level.  Shoot the ball at a high level. And have toughness on both sides of the floor.

What Was Said by Phenom Hoops:

“On a team that is loaded with next-level talent, Alfino grabbed our attention with his impact on both sides of the court.  Defensively, he gets after it and creates a lot of havoc for opponents.  Alfino is in your face, scrappy, and has tremendous timing in creating steals.  Offensively, he showcased a smooth, confident shot from behind the arc as well.”

“The growth has been quiet and subtle, but Alfino has continually improved in all facets of the game throughout the last few months. He’s phenomenal at attacking the rim but is now a reliable perimeter shooter with the ability to spot-up or create off the bounce. Alfino takes quality care of the ball and looks for open teammates at every opportunity. He’s an exceptional two-way rebounder that positions himself extremely well and is able to outwork bigger/stronger opponents on the glass. While Alfino has become a pretty well-rounded player, his poise, intelligence, and versatility on defense is what separates him from other wing prospects. He’s legitimately capable of containing four positions at the high school level, which should definitely appeal to all types of college coaches.”

“Combine was needing options at wing and Alfino will be one of them.  He can really provide a lot of help in several areas and on both sides of the floor.  He should also give Combine another shooter from outside and the corner, while also bringing his ability to defend multiple positions.”