Each and every time Phenom Hoop Report gets to report or sees a commitment from a player we have seen over the years, it is always a fantastic day.  It is great to see players achieve their goal to play at the next level and it is such a great accomplishment for that player.

Here is the latest commitment.

Player: Jackson Threadgill
Class: 2020
Committed to: Charlotte

What the Player Said:

PHR: What ultimately went into your decision on choosing Charlotte as the place for you?

Threadgill: The relationship I built with Coach Sanchez and Coach Vic throughout this process played a big part.  They were one of the first to start recruiting me.  The style of play really suits me and some of the guys that Coach Sanchez has coached, like Klay Thompson and Joe Harris, are guys that their games are similar to mine.  All in all, the program is heading in the right direction and I know I will be most successful playing for Coach Sanchez at Charlotte.

PHR: How did you inform the staff about your decision?

Threadgill: I made it a surprise.  I had an in-home visit on Tuesday night with Coach Sanchez.  My whole family, high school Ron Johnson and his wife and my trainer Rod Howard was there.  I stepped away for a second and came back wearing Charlotte apparel.  It was a really special moment.  Coach was excited and we were all emotional about the moment.

PHR: What did they have to say when they saw you?

Threadgill: He said it means a lot to him and he is excited for what the future holds.

PHR: What are they hoping you can provide early on?

Threadgill: My ability to shoo the ball is big and is something they need, especially with the style of ball.  Also with the addition of strength, my ability to guard is something that will benefit me.  Another thing they have really liked is they think I will be more advanced mentally having played for and been coached at a high level by Coach Johnson at Davidson Day.

PHR: What does it mean to play at a school right now at home?

Threadgill: Being close to home, I know I will have the support of my family and friends.  Having grown up here, I think it’s great to be able to stay here and really represent the city and get Charlotte basketball back to the top.

What Was Said by Phenom Hoops:

“Shooters translate at every level and one thing is crystal clear, Jackson Threadgill can flat shoot the cover off the ball, not to mention he is a high IQ and fundamentally sound player. Threadgill just understands how to play and is always going to make winning plays.” – Rick Lewis in August 2019

“n terms of sheer game-to-game consistency, Threadgill never wavers and always seems to assert his will in a calm, steady manner within the flow of the offense. He’s long, skilled, and scores the ball extremely well from all three levels. Threadgill can work as a cutter, spot-up threat, on-ball creator, or in transition…if he’s on the floor, Threadgill is scoring the ball. That being said, he impacted the game in various other ways throughout the weekend. Threadgill actively defended, pursued rebounds, and set the tone with his all-around offensive approach.” – Jeff Bendel from Champion Showcase in 2019

“Jackson Threadgill has been a model of consistency throughout the season. He’s reliable, steady and just seems to make all the big shots within the framework of the offense. Nothing is ever rushed, forced or manufactured. His game should translate well at the collegiate level simply because he is so efficient in the half-court. He moves well without the ball, is ready to catch and shoot in an efficient fashion, not to mention he has the ability to create his own shot off the dribble.” – Rick Lewis in Feb 2019