The second game for day four of Phenom’s Holiday Classic took place between two tough squads in Combine Regional and Franklin Prep. Both of these teams have next-level prospects and seem to improve with each outing. Combine Regional came out of the gate and established an early lead behind a very balanced attack, finishing the first half with a 29-33 advantage. Shamarrie Hugie performed extremely well and stood out for Franklin Prep. However, Combine Regional held onto their lead and ultimately secured a 68-73 victory over Franklin Prep. 

Franklin Prep:

6’5 ’23 Shamarrie Hugie

Despite being the youngest player on the roster, it’s easy to see the appeal with a prospect like Hugie. He’s long, wiry, fairly versatile, and already quite productive on both ends of the floor. Hugie rebounds the ball well, utilizes his length nicely to block shots, and highlights a quality amount of skill for his size/position. He’s active around the basket, capitalizes on second-chance opportunities, and can expand his production based on team need. 

6’0 ’21 Joel Torres

With so many quality backcourt pieces, Torres can often fly under the radar with this group. However, he serves a definite purpose through his strength, toughness, and ability to reliably score and defend. Torres is a quality athlete and isn’t afraid to utilize his body to absorb contact on finishes or when competing for rebounds. 

Combine Regional:

6’0 ’21 Payton Lewis

The tough, scrappy lead guard prospect continues to do a variety of things well for this group, namely given his blend of scoring and playmaking. Lewis handles the ball well, creates for others whenever possible, and seizes easy scoring opportunities whenever available. He also defends effectively for his size and athleticism. 

6’3 ’22 Joel Baucom

After shining as a leader for majority of the early season, Baucom continues to be a major part of this team’s success. Easily the best shooter on the roster, he’s proven to be more than just a spot-up threat. Baucom does a great job of running the offense, getting others involved, and scoring in a variety of different ways. He made quality decisions, particularly in crunch time, and maximized his presence on both ends of the floor.