If you have been following the recruiting news for high school basketball, I'm going to take a guess that you have heard or seen the name Xavion Staton as of late.  2025 7'0 Xavion Staton has been taking the world by storm, and college coaches have been swarming his way with his play this year.

Just in the last month, Staton has picked up offers from Auburn, TCU, Texas A&M, San Diego State, Kansas State, SMU, USC, Texas, Kansas, UCLA, Missouri, DePaul, Memphis, and LSU, and that doesn't even mention the offers he already held from UC Irvine, Washington State, Southern Utah, Creighton, Iowa, Northwestern, Arizona State, Illinois, UNLV, Stanford, Xavier, and Fresno State, all of which have come in the last year or so.

So Phenom Hoops was able to get in touch with the rising star, to learn more about him, how he has been embracing all the attention, and some of the latest updates. Check out what he said in a quick 1-on-1 with him.

Phenom: What has everything been like for you with so much attention and how have you maintained your focus'
Staton: Everything has been very surreal it's such a crazy thing happening but I've always made it my goal to stay locked in and not let any of it get to my head and that usually means just sticking to the basketball portion of it and just worrying about getting better.

Phenom: How has your game grown in the last year and what areas do you want to continue to work on'
Staton: I've become very confident on the offensive side of the ball I've started to take shots outside of my comfort zone whether that's the midrange or the 3-point shot. I would definitely like to continue working on my shooting abilities and being able to have better handles to be able to take 1 dribble and drive to go score.

Phenom: What is your mindset heading into the season for yourself and your team'
Staton: I definitely have that hungry mindset and my team would agree with this too we want to win a state championship and we have all the tools possible it's all a matter of staying healthy and continuing to get better and grow as a team.

Phenom: How do you like to impact the game while on the court'
Staton: I always say if I can't impact the game on offense I make sure to always leave my mark on defense but I definitely strive to be the best at rebounding, defending the rim, and hustling more than anybody on the court. If I do those then I've done my job well enough to impact winning.

Phenom: Are there any visits or schools you have scheduled to visit or want to visit' Any past visits as well'
Staton: I've only visited UNLV so far and I don't have any others scheduled at the moment but as far as taking visits in the future, I definitely want to take one to UCLA. I've always wanted to since a kid, but I would like to visit a lot more of the ones in the Midwest because I don't know much about out there and would like to get to know how it feels, looks, stuff like that.