College of Charleston Lands High-Level Wing Prospect

There haven’t been many programs more consistent over the last few decades than College of Charleston, a school that has only seen three losing basketball seasons since becoming a Division I program in 1991-92. That stems from their firm understanding of who to pursue on the recruiting scene, constantly securing players that fit their style. They have kept that sediment alive, especially now, after locking up DeAngelo Epps. The wing prospect has quietly become one of the best two-way players in North Carolina, but still doesn’t receive enough credit nationally. Epps played this summer with Team Charlotte and will make his debut with Carmel Christian in the coming months. Most people didn’t expect him to emerge as one of Team Charlotte’s main leaders, but he certainly did.

Since our first time seeing Epps, he’s built his game on defense and toughness. However, his offensive abilities have come such a long way since then, and he continues to regularly add new dimensions to his skillset. Now, Epps is capable of scoring efficiently from all over the floor, though he still prefers to drive and finish at the rim. He can play as the secondary ball-handler and initiate offense for the team with relative ease. Epps displays a quality IQ and overall feel for the game, and his defensive presence remains at a high level. Few guys are more aggressive in transition, especially when attacking the rim, but he also shows a willingness to make the correct read whenever possible. Defensively, Epps plays with a mean streak and has great versatility on that end of the floor. Right now, he’s capable of guarding three positions comfortably, but might not be done growing as a defender. His quality blend of size and athleticism make him quite problematic for opponents on both ends of the floor. There are a lot of possible scenarios for Epps at the next level and they all involve success. College of Charleston will happily claim the two-way wing, as he could be a major building block going forward.