The Phenom Queen City Showcase was simply off the charts. The amount of talent of all levels was exceptional, along with the competition.  There was one team that, personally, I couldn’t wait to watch and they certainly proved themselves.  Team United 2023 EYBL is one that college coaches, of ALL levels including high-majors everywhere, should be watching all summer long.

First off, if you are looking for length, this is one area that Team United has covered.  They have five players over 6’8, including two fast-rising 2023 prospects in 6’10 Brandon White and 6’10 Donovan Raymond.  White just recently announced that he would be heading into the 2023 class, possibly ranked as the top center in the state at that age.  He sports a great long frame that covers the paint, blocks multiple shots, and brings power on the offensive end.  Raymond is another fast-rising name that many will get familiar with, especially with his developing offensive game but his shot-blocking capability.

They also have 6’11 Soto Cyril from Tennessee, who unfortunately wasn’t available but in talking with the staff, he is one that is going to be garnering a ton of looks as well.

Then you have to look at plays like 2023 6’8 Aaron Hall, who is a developing but explosive forward that really made his mark at Northside Christian this past season, along with his teammate 6’7 Wesley Tubbs.  Tubbs had an absolutely tremendous weekend, really showing his ability to hit shots from the perimeter and be a consistent scorer from multiple levels as well as his vision and feel on the floor. 2023 6’8 Darion Rivers is also an active big that finishes well has a good body and wingspan, and helps get on the boards.

Moving down the list, you start taking a look more at the wings.  Tubbs certainly falls into that but Team United also brings in two intriguing prospects that really amped up their game this past season. Daevin Hobbs was one that started to make noise last summer and continued his scoring performances this season.  He brings a strong, big frame that can operate in several areas.  Alongside him as a wing, 6’5 Ma’kyi Butler is a fast-rising name that put on an absolute show.  He nearly averaged 18 points this season and brings a nice balance to the floor with his ability to step out but also use his size, moving well on both ends.  He also works well in pick-and-pop situations.

Continuing to look down the list but certainly not least, you start looking more at the guard positions with 2023 6’5 Jakel Powell, who has the size and frame that already is attracting college coaches.  Powell’s ability to step out, rise up with his jumper, but also uses his frame to his advantage.  He is a fast-rising sophomore that is quickly becoming a name for college coaches.

Lastly, you look at the quick guards of 2023 JJ Moore and 2023 Ollie Alford.  Moore is a blur on the court, quickly reacting, and really brings a scoring threat as well.  He attacks well off the bounce and is going to be a more common name around the region.  Alford also makes a big impact on this group as well.  He can knock down shots from multiple levels and works well in transition.  He also can be a real pest on the defensive end.

Every player on this roster is one that college coaches should be watching or are already watching… the talent is simply there.  Team United 2023 is going to a popular team this season and the talent can be found everywhere you look.