The Phenom Hoops Queen City Showcase was a loaded event with talent and competitiveness throughout all of the divisions. This was my first opportunity to see a lot of these players in live action. Here are just a few players who stuck out to me, regardless of class and projection level. This does not include players who have already committed.

Will Felton     6’9       2021

Will Felton was impressive all weekend. He was by far the most productive post player at the event. He averaged 20+ points and 10+ rebounds over four games. Will is extremely physical, strong, and a beast on the boards. On the offensive glass, he wedges his opponents under the basket to create second chance scoring opportunities. He does a great job of sealing defenders and getting deep post position. When he gets deep touches, it is very difficult to stop him. He uses his strong frame to hold off defenders or power through contact. He showed the ability to knock down the right hook. The next step for him will be able to consistently make those shots over length. Will also was efficient at the foul line going 8-9 from the stripe and finishing with 29 points in their game versus Tea Marie. He also stepped out and made a few 10 to 15-foot jumpers at the high post. Defensively, Will plays hard. If he gets switched onto perimeter defenders in ball screen situations, he moves well and is able to stay in front of ball handlers and force contested jumpers. In the post, he holds his ground and forces tough post catches for his opponents. I’m excited to see him continue to develop. 

Jeremy Gregory        6’7       2022

Jeremy Gregory is extremely efficient. There are times when you watch him play, and might not realize the impact on the game until you look at the scoresheet and see where he had 16 points and 8 rebounds. Jeremy has a great skill set, soft hands, and is a willing passer out of the post. He has excellent touch around the basket, can hit the turnaround jumper, and can face up and make the midrange shot. Jeremy doesn’t get sped up against pressure in the post. He’s able to read defenses trying to trap him and make the right pass whether it’s kicking it out to shooters or finding someone cutting to the basket. In the post, he does a really good job of using his frame to create deep post catches and angles for easy scoring opportunities. He also has the ability to space the floor and make the three-point shot. 

Patrick Wessler         7’0       2022

Patrick Wessler was the most skilled post player at this weekend’s event. The lefty has incredible touch around the basket. Anything eight feet and in is pretty much automatic. He can go over either shoulder for left or right-handed hook shots. On pick and rolls, he has the ability to close off and finish through contact and to shoot short floaters. He does a great job of using his size to create great post position. He is extremely poised inside, utilizing shot fakes to create better angles to score. In addition, he is a willing passer out of the post. He understands the importance of receiving a post catch, to then kick it out, so that he can reestablish even better position for himself on the repost. He also showed the ability to catch and shoot from three. Defensively, Patrick understands how to use his size and length around the rim. He does a great job of walling up and contesting with high hands. Patrick had an impressive game versus Garner Road – Whitley, finishing the game with 26 points, 15 rebounds, and 10 blocks. 

Breon Pass     6’1       2021

Breon Pass was impressive all weekend. The point guard has a well-polished all-around game. He has a great combination of IQ and athleticism. He plays with a great change of pace. He sets up defenders and is able to use a quick burst to get by his man. He has the ability to create for himself and others, and does a great job of getting his teammates involved. Over the course of the weekend, Breon was extremely consistent averaging 16 points over four games. He does a great job of attacking off ball screens. He’s able to make the pocket pass or skip out to shooters. He easily gets to his spots and can make shots off the bounce. Although he’s not the tallest guard on the court, he’s super explosive and can elevate, hang, and finish over contact when attacking the basket. He has a nice looking shot and is a consistent perimeter shooter. He can make the three off the catch or the bounce. Defensively, he is an active defender, pressures the ball, and rebounds well for his position. 

BJ Freeman   6’6       2021

The strong, physical wing has a scorer’s mindset and stays aggressive. He opened up the weekend with 24 points in their win against Tea Marie. BJ is really good at using his strong frame to attack defenders, keep them on his hip, and finish through contact. In their game against Team Charlotte, we knew the ball was going to be in his hands to force overtime and that he was going to drive it right to the cup. He did just that. For his size and frame, BJ handles it well and is able to create off the bounce. He does a good job of turning defense to offense by snatching the rebound and pushing in transition. He is a multi-positional, powerful wing who can post up smaller defenders. In the post, he has the ability to power through contact or to face up, shoot the jumper or use his quickness to drive past defenders. From the perimeter, BJ showcased the ability to knock down the three-point shot this weekend. Defensively, BJ is very versatile. He has the athleticism to guard on the perimeter, but also has the strength to guard in the post.