Here are some additional standouts from the CoBL college exposure camp at the Friends Central School:

Samier Kinsler 6'0' '19 West Catholic Preparatory HS ' This smooth shooting lefty PG has really stepped up his game this spring as we head down the stretch of his final summer of Grassroots hoops before his Senior season. The days of him being overlooked however are quickly coming to a close as he has been exceptionally good every time I've seen him since the end of his HS season. His passing game has become his primary source of keeping opponents off guard setting up his deadly left hand jumper with the buttery release and uncanny accuracy with range out past the arc. When defenders close out on him he delivers slick dart like dimes that lead to scoring opportunities and his handle that was a bit loose a year ago has become tight and pretty well impossible to strip him of the rock. For much of the day he drove opponents crazy zipping the ball around the perimeter then lasering a pass to a cutting teammate for a bucket. His ability to penetrate the lane time and again set up his teammates foe open looks and at times he'd use his speed to blow by his man and get to the rim. His defense has always been a strength as he has quick feet to cut off his man and steer him off course but also has really good hands to pick off errant passes or strip unsuspecting ball handlers. From all indications Kinsler is in for a big Senior season and with it should come some serious college interest from a myriad of programs at the low 1 or D-II level.

Jaymes Savage 6'3' '19 Sankofa Freedom Charter School ' When picking out players who have made big jumps from one season to another Savage immediately comes to mind. A workmanlike player a year ago he looks primed to make a major step up in production this year. He was listed at PG on the roster sheet but I view him as a sh..t gets done guy as he uses his wiry frame to impact the game on both ends of the court. He is very instinctual defensively pouncing on unprepared opponents. He has those long active arms that can disrupt passing lanes and pick off lazy passes. His handle is quite good and definitely an underrated part of his game. He has good body control and focus to finish at the rim thru contact and his perimeter shot which was scattershot last season is starting to look more refined this year as in one of his games he hit a three ball then a spot up jumper from about 12 feet then came back and drained another trey looking the part of a natural shooter. He also can mix it up on the glass as he has shown a good feel for getting boards by using a quick first jump to attack missed shots. It will be interesting to see where his recruitment winds up as I feel he could make the jump to a D-II offer with continued improvement.

Myles Robinson 6'4' '19 Friends Central School ' As a freshman I thought Robinson was the next great player to emerge from the halls of this school joining the likes of Hakim Warrick, Mustafa Shakur, Amile Jefferson and more recently DeAndre Hunter. Then before his soph season Myles tore up his knee and missed a whole season. He came back last year but he was not 100% and while he contributed his stock plummeted and people understandably began to doubt if he would ever be the same. While I still believed in him I could see that a less than 100% Myles was not the player he can some day become if healthy. His lift around the basket was off and he played as if he had doubts about his recovery. They say time heals all wounds and corny as that may be the Robinson I saw in his final two games was the guy who yielded all that optimism back in 2015-16. He was ferocious on the glass getting boards in all ways imaginable. He carved out space in the paint to score tough in traffic layups and short range jumpers. He was active all over the court and I found it especially pleasing the way he challenged guys while on defense. He still has some more work to do with the knee as I believe he's not completely healed but based on his play here I'd say he's close enough that low 1 or high D-II outfits should be paying closer attention to his progress.

Kamron Roundtree 6'6' '20 Academy Park HS ' The first time you see this young man play you become enamored of his boundless enthusiasm and tremendous run jump skills that allow him to get to the rim and finish with authority. You see his long fluid stride and the way he attacks the glass for missed shots and you see his long arms and quick reactions to block or alter shots. It does make you less aware of his overall skillset like handling the ball or passing it for that matter or his jumper that at times was sporadic at best. This is the process that is going into Kamron to flush out the things he struggles with and to break down the imperfections and smooth out the rough edges so to speak. As he approaches the summer eval periods you are starting to see the player that everyone was so excited for. He was active all over the court making good defensive plays on one end then sprinting the floor and working his way into a position where he could make a play. His passing game has become a source of pride as he has shown an ability to set up his teammates for scoring opportunities. His ball handling is still an issue in a crowd but is steady in the open floor. The biggest improvement I saw was his shot selection and ability to knock down open jumpers. He has always been good when creating inside so little has changed in that area with the exception of converting a few more thru contact layups to set up the three point play. This young man is a D-1 level talent so now it comes down to maximizing his limitless ability so he can reach the highest level of hoops he can aspire too.

Tariq Kalim 6'4' '19 Downingtown East HS ' Last season Kalim was a complimentary player on the East roster who exhibited some intriguing skills as a shooter but he was a little harder to gauge in other aspects of the game. Watching him now it appears the camp setting has agreed with him as he has had a chance to showcase his skillset and I've been pleasantly surprised. I knew he could shoot it as I'd seen him knock down multiple shots in open gyms but handling the ball vs. pressure was a mystery and hitting a cutting teammate with a scoring pass was a question mark as well. In three games today he knocked down multiple shots off the catch from distance and even put it on the deck to create off the bounce. He passed the ball with confidence and actually valued the ball by not forcing the ball into tight spots or throwing low percentage passes. While he didn't fare as well handling vs. pressure he minimized his shortcoming in that department by recognizing the trap and getting rid of the ball. Defensively he has limitations but he doesn't lack for effort and drive. His recruitment is probably confined to D-III schools at the moment and that seems to be his level moving forward.

Jihad 'Squid' Watson 6'1' '19 Math, Civics and Sciences Charter School ' With a moniker like Squid my immediate thought was a multiple tentacled defensive stopper who disrupts the opponents offensive sets in a number of ways. Watson is a good defensive player and I have no idea how he got the nickname but somehow when you watch him play it seems to fit. He is a really good PG who has an innate feel for delivering the basketball to his teammates in positions where they can make a play. His passes are crisp and on the mark and generally placed into their hands making it easy to make something happen. He can handle the ball in the open floor or in a crowd vs. pressure with equal efficiency. He always has his head up scanning the floor to make the right pass. He does have bouts of turnoveritis when trying to be too fine in his passing ability and decision making but he generally snaps out of it before it becomes detrimental to the team's success. His stroke comes and goes as well but this is more an issue with balance and timing where he rushes up shots instead of measuring them. As I said before he's a very good defender who is engaged with stopping his opponents. He has good hands and long arms to deflect passes or get his hands on a shoddy dribble. At the end of the day Watson is tracking as a low D-1 prospect with some upside.

Javon Gordon 5'10' '19 Delsea Regional HS ' This South Jersey product was one of the smaller guys here by height but one of the biggest in heart and hustle. He is also an athletic kid with incredible leaping ability as he was getting up in the rarefied air of the big fellas. After a so-so first game he diverted my attention in his direction when I missed shot rolled lazily off the rim and a slow footed big man didn't box out or attack the miss and Gordon skied high for the put back slam Hello! Not only was I impressed I think it got him out of his funk to that point and alerted those assembled in the gym that if you chose to sleep on him you would be shocked to see him at eye level with you on the way up. My first and only viewing of Gordon was at the NJSIAA Group 3 SJ final vs. Seneca HS where he made some very athletic plays to help propel Delsea to the state semi's. I recognized him right away but after that first game I kind of put him on the backburner to my detriment. He has a good handle against pressure and has that quick burst to get by opposing defenders to the basket. He will at times try to jump over people to make plays but once thwarted he backs off that bravura play for a while. His passing game is a bit spotty and he seems to look a bit off when making PG type decisions. He's also a demon on the defensive end using his strong frame and quickness to lockdown opponents. His athleticism should draw some interest from D-III schools and there may be a few D-II's who may be intrigued as well only time will tell. This wraps up our coverage of the CoBL college exposure camps.

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