Sitting on the sidelines recently at the Phenom Challenge, we got a chance to watch the NLPB TN 15u team in action and we came away impressed.  First off, coach Joe Cassell plays and teaches the right way and in talking to him, he understands the importance in teaching team mentality but loves to compete.  He also teaches and wants his players to know the importance of doing the little things on the court.

And when watching this team on the court, his players play incredibly hard and competes, leaving it all out on the court.  Each game they played in was competitive at the Phenom Challenge and it gave us a glimpse of a few new names that grabbed our attention.

2024 Connor Simcox is a 6’4, a mobile big with really good footwork and is active around the paint and on the boards.  Coach also informed that he is a rising quarterback to watch.  2024 Logan Cassell played really well on both ends, making a mark in creating turnovers and being active, while 2024 Jack Ford showcased some early point guard skills, finding his teammates and making some nice passes.  2024 Charlie McHugh and Jishaan Patel grabbed our attention with their shot-making from the perimeter, while other players like 2024 Will Hurd, 2024 Bryson Horne, 2024 Braedon Floyd, and 2024 Ben Painter all played key roles for this team.

Though young, it was hard to not notice what Coach Cassell was installing his players at a young age, playing the right way, and giving them a chance to compete.  It is why they will be an interesting young team to watch the rest of the season and how they continue to grow both individually and as a team.