Antonio Threadgill was sitting courtside and had a few names of his own that attracted his attention

Jacob Tucker 6’0 2017 Carolina Hurricanes–  Tucker has a nature feel for the game and he always comes to play. You can tell he loves playing basketball. He shares the basketball and know how to get all his teammates involve. He can read defenses when gets in the lane he always makes the right play. What I like the most about him is that he doesn’t have to have the ball in his hands to score. He plays off the ball just as well as he plays on the ball. With his shooting he’s able to keep the floor spread. You must know where he’s at on the floor and close out.

Dantre Harvey 6’4 2018 Carolina Knights – This kid is a stat sheet filler!   He has the talent to be a walking triple double. He affects the game in some many ways whether it is scoring, rebounding and assisting the basketball this kid get it’s done. He is very athletic was on the receiving of a couple of alley oops.

Caman Cody 6’3 2018 Flight 22 Tn U17 – He’s not going to have big scoring numbers but he is just that kids that do all the little things to help you win. Plays the game with a high motor. You can catch Caman boxing out and getting a tough rebound or getting to the foul line and hitting free-throws. He’s the glue guy that every team must have to be successful. He has a nice frame a good touch around the perimeter.

Kam-Ron Humphrey 5’7 WCBA White 2019 – Lead guard with explosive speed. Humphrey is a two way player that has very quick feet. On defense he has really quick hands and great anticipation skills. He gets lots of steels that lead to easy baskets. In the next stages of his game he needs to work on creating separation from his defender to be able to get his shot off. He’s a good looking prospect that needs to add strength to his game. I believe that he has the intangibles to be a very nice college prospect.

Darrius Everett 6’1 WBCA White 2019– great athlete with a lot of length. He a slasher he is very good with dribble penetration. He has good ball handling skills and body control. He is able to maneuver in the air around defenders to make acrobatic finishes at the rim.  Everett is another player that needs to add muscle to his frame to be able to guard some of the bigger guards that he will be facing.

Fred Thomas 15U LT3/H2G 2020 6’0 – Thomas is an athletic combo guard with a very tight handle. The strongest part of his game is his midrange game right now. He is working now to become a better three-point shooter that will pay dividends in help with spacing the floor for his team. He has such a good motor and come away with lots of 50/50 balls to give his team more possessions.