No. 131 6’0 2019 Michael Wade (The Burlington School, Burlington, NC)

Wade is a good athlete that excels in the open floor. He had the ability to make tough shots. He finishes above the rim. He a good team player. Has a really good first step that he was able to use to get by defenders to provide scoring opportunities for his teammates.


No. 104 5’11 2020 Steven Riley Jr. (Ravenscroft School, Raleigh, NC)

Played solid all day. Riley is a two-way player. He is good on both sides of the ball. What I like about Riley his he likes to communicate and talk to his guys on both side of the ball to make sure his team is in the positons. He's a player that a coach on the next level will love because of his leadership skills.' He has a really good handle and pushes the break really well.


No. 178 6’3 2021 Glenn Bynum Jr. (Northside Christian, Charlotte, NC)

Great athlete with a very good IQ. I thought this kid was one of the best players at our event because of he know how to impact the game in so many ways. When his team needed more possession he understands that he needed to come up with more rebounds. He laid it all on the floor in every game he played in.


No. 182 6’3 2020 Bryce Causey (SW Guilford HS, High Point, NC)

One of my favorite players at the event. This kid can play! He's not the most athletic kid on the floor but he gets the most out of all the talent he has. He is a great shooter with range that's able to put the ball down on the floor if he has to make a play for himself or teammates. His IQ and skill level is off the charts. He going to do some really good things this year playing with Southwest Guilford who I believe will be the favorite this year in 3A.


No. 221 6’7 2019 Davis Guyton (Christian Academy of Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach, SC)

Guyton is a basketball player with a great IQ and fundamental skill. He can play inside out because of his range and his jump shot. Will be a great pick and pop guy at the next level. He shoots the ball so well he will make the defense stay honest.


No. 206 6’4 2020 Travon Jackson (Northwood Temple, Fayetteville, NC)

Jackson was one of the best athletic at the event. He comes with so many gifts. Definitely was one of the hardest players to guard on the floor. He got to the basket at will every game. Plays very unselfishly and got his teammates involve. Looking forward to see how he will develop definitely will be playing on the next level.



No. 158 6’2 2020 Chase Dawkins (Northwood Temple, Fayetteville, NC)

Was one of the best shooters in camp. If he got an open look from behind the arc you could forget it. Does a great job of moving without the basketball. In one of his games he was able to hit 4 straight three pointers that got the crowd in to the game. He is very skilled and very unselfish player.


No. 152 6’2 2021 Brock Williams (Burlington Christian, Burlington, NC)

Williams lit it up in game two scoring 27 points. He was unstoppable in transition with his athleticism. He can score the basketball on all the levels. Good combo guard that uses change of pace to keep defenders off balance. He has three more years of high school and that's very scary.


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