Capital City Pacer

Alrick Mangum 5’6 very smooth guard that knows how to finish in transition. He’s a blur on the court. Does a good job of getting ahead of the ball for easy scores. Really good ball handler can handle the ball in traffic. Good athlete for his size 

Upward Stars Columbia 

Lamonte Saith 6’1 wing player with a nice touch. Makes good when placed in the middle of the zone. Had a nice shooting touch. Was able to get to the basket and use his float over taller opponents. Has a nice handle and quickness to get to the basket where he’s able to use his strength against small defenders. Had 16 points in the game. 

Team Loaded 704

Davion Cunningham 6’0 had 20 points in the game today. A point guard that gets down the floor in a hurry. Can dribble and finish with either hand. He a great athlete he’s able to go in and rebound with bigger players. Great on ball defender and also does a great job of playing in the passing lanes. Should be a player college coaches should keep an eye on in the future. 

South Fulton Lions 15U

AJ Muller 5’8  had 14 points in a hard-fought game against TMP. He scores the basketball on all 3 levels. What I like most about this guard is that he does his best to get all his teammates involved. He’s a combo guard that can also defend on and off the basketball. 

Durham Hurricanes 2020

Cole Sinclair 6’0 guard that doesn’t care about points he just wants to do whatever he can to help his team win. The guy does an awesome job of getting his teammates involved. His high IQ and unselfishness, makes players love to play with him. He gives the effort in both sides of the floor. 

CP3 2023

Tybo Bailey 6’1 did a great job of attacking the basket. He has great size for a point guard. Has a High IQ does really well in pick and roll situations reading the defense making good decisions. Can play on and off the basketball as a combo guard if need to. 

CP3 2022

Mike Zanoni 6’1

One of the best shooter I have seen in a long time. This kid can really shoot the basketball and it’s effortless. He went 6-8 in the silver championship game. Helping CP3 get out to a huge lead playing up in the 17U bracket. You have to know where this kid is on the floor at all times or you have a huge problem. He shoots the basketball that well. Should get a lot of attention from D1 coaches in the near future. 

Khalil Marhill 5’10

Doesn’t get a lot of attention like the other guys but he may be CP3’s most important player. He has a high IQ and is a very unselfish point guard. He dished out 9 assists in the Silver Championship game. He just makes the team better by just being on the floor. He’s is a great defender also. What I like about him is that he’s a communicator on the floor. He gets the best out of his teammates.