Upward Stars SE

Julian Phillips is a player with a lot of lengths that has a high motor. He rebounds really well on both sides of the floor. Able to finish at or above the rim with his elite athleticism. On defense, he’s a great help side defender that keeps teams honest by being a goaltender at the rim. Never gives up on the play does a great job of running down players and challenging their shots at the rim 

NC Gators Richardson 

Jackson Noble 6’7 was a force in the backboards the whole game. Rebounding on both sides of the floor giving his team extra possession on the offensive end. On the defensive end, he made sure that the opposing team was one and done. He also did a great job stepping out and hitting shots beyond the arc when he needed to stretch the floor. He has a really good feel for the game as a big. Should grow and develop in to frame in the next couple of years. 

Cameren Spencer 6’2 

Knockdown shooter that hit three threes in the game again well coached CP3 team. Cameren does a great job of finding opens spots on the floor. Moves very well with out the basketball. On defense he did a great job of guarding the basketball and rebounding when the ball is in his area. 

CP3 2023

Cameron Bailey 6’1 did a great job of attacking the basket. He has great size for a point guard. Has a High IQ does really well in pick and roll situations reading the defense making good decisions. Can play on and off the basketball as a combo guard if need to. 

Team United 

Robert Dillingham 5’11

Quick guard that anticipates really well on the defensive end of the floor. Gets a lot of steals and deflections that turn easy points for himself and teammates. Has a great motor and he’s very good in transition. Really hard to guard off the bounce and he’s able to knock down open looks. Team high 26 points. 


Jayden Johnson 6’6

Widebody big that plays below the rim but is able to carve out space and finishes well at the rim. He has very board shoulders and knows how to use them. When he’s on the block he’s hard to get around because of his strength. Teams struggled all day keeping him off the block. When he gets the ball on the block it’s usually an and one bucket.