Coach Rick’s WNC Phenom 150 Super Six and More (Part 2)

Phenom Hoop Report traveled to Cherokee, North Carolina for the inaugural WNC Phenom 150 camp. The camp was a huge success and the gym was filled with talent at every level. Now, let’s take a closer look at the standout players for the day. In our first segment, we wrote about De’Ante Green, Eli Ellis, Austin Johnson, Solomon Todd, Collin Mills, and Solomon King.


5’0 2026 Isaac Ellis (Homeschool)

Fearless, fearless fearless! Don’t let his size and youth fool you. This young man plays with confidence and an advanced skill set not often seen at this age. In addition, Ellis is an outstanding perimeter shooter with unlimited range. (5-10 feet beyond the 3-point line) Always being one of the younger players in camp, Ellis makes his presence known the minute he steps onto the court.



6’1 2020 Mitchell Wike (Smokey Mountain HS)

Mitchell Wike is the type of player every coach envies. He brings a “team first” approach to each game and makes his presence known by his sheer hustle, hard work and relentless effort and energy given on both ends of the court. As a matter of fact, Wike was nominated for three different awards, Mr. Station, Mr. Hustle and Mr. Defense. In camp settings, it’s usually the player that scores the most points that gets the majority of ink. That being said, Wike only averaged 5.7 PPG, but grabbed the attention of every scout in the gym due to the things that often don’t show up in the box score, but are important things that help a team win.



5’11 2020 Bradley Williams (Millbrook HS)

Bradley Williams provided a smooth and steady influence throughout the day. Williams got the job done on both ends of the court. He has good lateral quickness and was one of the better “on ball” defenders at the camp. In addition, Williams showcased a nice blend of scoring and being an excellent floor general. He created for his teammates, but scored well within the framework of the offense. Williams averaged 10.7 PPG and dished out numerous assists on the day, but his calm demeanor and leadership clearly stood out.



6’1 2020 Avery Rivera (Rabun Gap)

Smooth, effective and most of all productive. Those words quickly come to mind in describing the play of Avery Rivera of Rabun Gap. The mature and poised point guard showcased strong floor leadership and simply led by example. Rivera has a nice blend of athleticism with a matching skill set that makes him such a complete all around player, not to mention he averaged 13.7 PPG. Rivera has excellent fundamentals and has a high basketball IQ.



6’2 2020 Ray Faison (Christ School)

What’s not to like about an athletic, energetic and team first “glue guy.” With Ray Faison, one thing is for certain, you don’t have teach or coach effort. Effort, energy and enthusiasm are in his DNA. Faison is the type of player that doesn’t need the ball in his hands to be effective. He will constantly do all the little things that often go unnoticed, but at the end of the game, you notice he has quietly scored double digit points, grabbed numerous rebounds, made defensive stops and made all the hustle plays that turns into winning plays.


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