20216’3″Darius DavisPittsburghPAMoravian Prep
20216’3″Parker GrantColumbiaSCMoravian Prep
20216′1″Kavan HortonArdenNCAsheville Christian Academy
20216’10”Saliou NigerSenegalSenegalBeckley Prep High School
20216′0″Brevin KlymFranklinTNFranklin High School
20216′2″Max RodgersWaynesvilleNCAsheville Christian Academy
20216’9″Jordan McInnisBeckleyWVGreater Beckley Christian School
20217′3″Bol KuirHurricaneWVHurricane High School
20216′7″Charlie BrowderArdenNCChrist School
20215′10″Aiden ProudfootChristiansburgVAChristiansburg High  School



Mr. Defense: 6’3 2021 Darius Davis (Moravian Prep)

What a day for the two-way presence of Darius Davis of Moravian Prep. Davis led the camp in scoring and was in contention for the camp’s MVP as well. However, Davis brought home the trophy for the best Defensive player in attendance. Known for his full throttle approach to the game, Davis is highly effective going downhill and his ability to get to the rim repeatedly where he finished with efficiency and authority. Davis is working to improve his perimeter shooting and once he can consistently hit midrange and perimeter jumpers, look for his recruitment to soar to another level. That being said, we were equally impressed with his work ethic, attitude and ability to take constructive feedback. More importantly, Davis listened and want to learn and get better which is not often seen.


Mr. Playmaker: 6’1 2021 Kavan Horton (Asheville School)

Talk about versatility! Kavan Horton was nominated for all five awards, MVP, Playmaker, Hustle, Defense and Station and rightfully so. We’re talking about a high energy and IQ player that simply understands the game and does all the little things to make his team better. Although Horton averaged 15 PPG, it was the way in which he scored. It was all within the flow of the offense and often after he exhausted all possibilities of getting his teammate an open shot. He as an outstanding teammate and is a winner on and off the court.


6’10 2021 Saliou Niger (Beckley Prep High School)

What’s not to like about a 6’10 rim protector that has the ability to score as well. Niger averaged right at 14 PPG and showcased good hands and nifty footwork in the paint, not to mention a quality understanding the game for someone who is fairly new to the game. He runs the floor and is quite active on both ends of the court