Fayetteville, North Carolina has been a hotbed for basketball for quite some time. No city in the state has more quality players per capital than the neighboring city to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, which is home to the largest Army military base in the world. The plethora of talent that exists in Fayetteville is simply mind boggling with the recent like to NBA rookie star Dennis Smith, not to mention Joey Baker who has already committed to Duke University. At the inaugural Phenom 3G Showcase, there was no shortage of talent this past weekend.


6'0 '23 Treymane Parker (Flight 22 13U)

Coming into the event, Treymane Parker was best known as Kwe Parker's little brother. That scenario may change down the road and Kwe may be known for being Treymane's big brother. 'All kidding aside, Treymane is simply advanced beyond his age/grade. He is super athletic, bouncy, but most of all is highly skilled. He has the ability to score from all three levels, but what will separate him from his peers is his consistency from the 3-point line. Treymane has a nice shooting touch and excellent fundamentals that will translate at the high school level and beyond. He was constantly scoring in the 30's in each and every game. As the old saying goes, Treymane has a chance to be very very special.


5'10 '21 JaQuantae Harris (Taking It By Force 15U)

We first watched JaQuantae Harris at the October 2017 NC Phenom 150 camp. We were impressed then, but came away even more impressed this past weekend. Harris is a strong and lengthy scoring guard that can literally take over a game on both ends of the court. He brings a certain toughness to the court that is accompanied by high level confidence. We absolutely loved his poise, maturity and overall command of the game. Like Parker, Harris was constantly scoring in the 30's in each and every game.


6'2 '18 Jermaine Jones (CBC Elite)

In the Gold Championship game, Jermaine Jones poured in a game high 26 points, including four 3-pointers. He was literally all over the court throughout the event. He's a high energy, high motor player that plays with a full throttle approach to the game. More importantly, Jones is an ultra-completive player that will give you effort every minute on the court. He doesn't mind diving on the floor for loose balls and simply has a knack of being around the ball. Someone at the next appropriate level could find a hidden gem in Jones. One thing is for certain, he has all the intangibles and attributes that is often difficult to find.


6'3 '19 Joseph Cherry-Blue (Team Premier)

Joseph Cherry-Blue was the epitome of toughness and grit the entire weekend. In the 17U Silver Championship game, Blue poured in a tourney high 35 points. He was relentless attacking the rim and was constantly getting fouled where he cashed in on timely free throws. More importantly, Blue may have been one of the best rebounders and was outstanding on both ends of the court. With a team short on depth and many players sidelined with injuries, the never say die attitude of Joseph Cherry-Blue showcased what 'grassroots basketball' is all about.


6'4 '19 Antonio Dupree (NC Empire Go Hard)

The physically gifted athletic wing demonstrated a high energy, high motor approach at the Phenom 3G. He's every team's glue player. He doesn't mind doing all the dirty work and mixing it up, especially on the defensive side of the ball. He will compete his tail off and will fight for every loose ball. You can't measure his heart and intangibles on the floor.

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