Rankings are fluid by nature. There are many changes along with the way and adjustments are made based upon improvements by players and at times when we just miss out on a prospect. As players get older and we have more quality viewings of a player, rankings have a tendency to level out. We won’t get them all right all the time, but our track record over the years have been pretty darn good. In today’s segment, we want to take a closer look at some of the biggest stock boosters in our most recent North Carolina 2020 rankings. https://www.phenomhoopreport.com/rankings/2020-north-carolina-rankings/


6’8 2020 Nick Farrar (Apex Friendship) 

Back in February of 2019, we wrote the article “Nick Farrar: The Ultimate Stretch Four.” While Farrar didn’t sport any offers at the time, we knew that would quickly change. As a matter of fact, Farrar went from no. 49 in our January rankings to no. 9 in our most recent rankings. One has to remember, Farrar sat out the summer prior due to an injury and was virtually out of sight. That being said, his play at the NC Top 80 solidified his spot as one that would move up when we updated our rankings. During April, Farrar picked up offers from Houston, Towson, Mount St. Mary’s, Stetson, Eastern Kentucky, High Point, and Rhode Island. This stock was definitely on the rise. Always known for a tremendous motor on the court, Farrar has the DNA of a court warrior. No matter the venue, no matter the setting, Farrar was quickly earning the reputation as one of the hardest workers on the court. His engine goes full throttle and is one of the select few that will give maximum effort on every single possession. With Farrar, you simply know what you’re getting each and every time and for college coaches he will be a treasure.


6’0 2020 JaJuan Carr (Pender High School)

Jajuan Carr is simply a blur with the basketball. At our 2019 NC Top 80, Carr was one of the best pure point guards in attendance and also one of the best athletes at well. Carr is blessed with speed, quickness, and bounce, not to mention a matching skill set. He was measured with a 44″ running vertical and tested at the top in speed and agility. The explosive lead guard plays the game with confidence and calmness. He is poised beyond this years and has the ability to score from all three levels. Defensively, Carr has extremely quick feet and lateral movement making his an elite on ball defender. Sporting an ECU offer, look for Carr to be one of the hot names during the July NCAA “Live” period. Carr currently checks in at no. 10 on our new June 2020 rankings.


6’4 2020 Josh Banks (Olympic High School)

Back in January, we had Josh Banks ranked embarrassingly low as the 44th overall prospect in our North Carolina 2020 rankings. This go around he jumped 29 spots and is currently ranked 15th, which might even be a tad too low. Sporting a 39″ inch running vertical, Banks showcased his elite level athleticism at our more recent NC Top 80. As Phenom’s own scout Jeff Bendel stated, “No one has seen a meteoric rise in their recruitment quite like Banks. He checks all the theoretical boxes for what collage coaches are looking for in wing prospects.” More  importantly, Banks as a unique blend of athleticism and skills, not to mention a blue-collar work ethic and toughness that is displayed on the court. He was recently offered by Elon and look for his offer list grow come sooner rather than later.



6’4 2020 Ahmil Flowers (Greensboro Grimsley) 

6’4 Ahmil Flowers checked at no. 52 in our January rankings. He jumped 36 spots and is currently ranked no. 16 in our newly released June rankings. With Flowers, we’re talking about an ultra smooth, fluid and athletic wing that plays so well within the framework of the game. We have been impressed with his rebounding ability for his size/position and may just be one of the best rebounding wings in the state. Flowers has a very mature approach to the game and played with great pace and poise. We especially love his business like approach to the game and he brings that blue-collar work ethic which should be quite appealing to college coaches. Flowers recently picked up offers from Elon, Western Carolina and Presbyterian and we expect that offer list to grow immensely over the July NCAA “Live” Period.



6’11 2020 Jonas Aidoo (Voyager)

Talk about a gigantic movement in the rankings and no one made a bigger jump than 6’11 Jonas Aidoo. Phenom scout Chris Sause was first singing the praises of him back in August, 2018. Aidoo made a 63 spot jump and comes in at no. 27 in our newly released June rankings. That being said, we look for a continued climb to the top. As with most big men, they develop later, but there are simply some things one can’t teach and he is a name to “etch in” on the recruiting radar. Already standing a lengthy 6’11, Aidoo is only 16 years old and may not be finished growing. We’re talking about an agile and mobile rim protector who has an impeccable feel for the game and ability to block shots. That being said, his strongest attribute may be his ability to casually knock down 3-pointers with efficiency and accuracy. While he has seen his stock rise over the spring, we strongly feel Aidoo will continue to move up the ranking charts.