Coach Rick’s NC 2020 Biggest Stock Movers Part 3

Rankings are fluid by nature. There are many changes along with the way and adjustments are made based upon improvements by players and at times when we just miss out on a prospect. As players get older and we have more quality viewings of a player, rankings have a tendency to level out. We won’t get them all right all the time, but our track record over the years have been pretty darn good. In today’s segment, we want to take a closer look at some of the biggest stock boosters in our current June 2019 NC 2020 rankings.

In part 1, we wrote about Nick Farrar, Jajuan Carr, Josh Banks, Ahmil Flowers, and Jonas Aidoo. Be sure to check out the link

In part 2, wrote about Justin Thomas, Trayden Williams, Alex Holt, Trevon Williams, and Kalib Matthews



6’8 2020 Tyler Young (Dudley High School)

What’s not to like about a 6’8 power forward/post player that is a walking double double. Playing for New Light Disciples, Young has an advanced skill set on the interior. He has unbelievable footwork and “glue like” hands. Simply stated, Young will catch cleanly every single pass that comes  his way. He does an outstanding job of establishing low-post position, sealing his defender and making strong offensive moves with his nifty footwork. Young has the ability to square up nicely to the rim once catching the ball with his back to the basket and scoring with a high degree of efficiency. In addition, Young has a quick drop step move which would be the envy of college players. Young’s outstanding play this spring for New Light Disciples will make him a must see for D1 schools.



6’6 2020 Thomas Hailey (Home School)

Our guy Brandon Nelson has been singing the praises of an “unknown sleeper” (aka Thomas Hailey) in the Charlotte area for quite some time. Playing for the Carolina Defender travel ball team, we got a first hand and close up view of 6’6 Thomas Hailey and he didn’t disappoint. Hailey is an extremely long, bouncy and high flying athletic wing that flourishes in the open court. That being said, Hailey does handle the ball extremely well for his size/position and has the ability to make aggressive offensive moves to the basket. While the majority of his finishes end up being a slam dunk, Hailey does have a soft shooting touch around the rim. In addition, Hailey is a reliable rim protector and gets his hands on a lot of deflections and blocked shots.



6’0 2020 Anthony Allen (Independence High School)

6’0 Anthony Allen  is an ultra athletic, bouncy and exciting combo guard who can flat shoot the cover off the ball, not to mention he can easily play above the rim. Allen is a lethal 3-pointer shooter and has outstanding range beyond the arc. Like most excellent shooters, Allen has terrific footwork and a quick release. In addition to being an efficient spot up shooter, Allen is equally effective with the dribble drive pull up jumper. One of his favorite moves is the right to left crossover dribble into his patented jumper, not to mention he has been on the giving end of some crowd pleasing dunks. Allen will be playing for DTA Elite and will be another must see for D1 coaches.