Back in 2015, we wrote the following in our article on 5’11 Khalil Robinson “Steady and Reliable. 5’11 2019 Khalil Robinson is the glue guy every team needs to be successful.” Fast forward to today, Robinson has enjoyed a very successful career at Gray Collegiate Academy and Team United. Most recently, Robinson’s steady and reliable play pushed Team United into the quarterfinals of the prestigious Nike EYBL.
Over the years, Robinson provided a rock steady approach and has always been a low risk player, high return player. 'His unselfish play and team first approach has been his calling card, which is sometimes overlooked by many. First of all, we’re talking about a young point guard that leads by example. He is a calming influence on the court and rarely get rushed or rattled especially in the heat of the battle.
Recently, Robinson just picked up an offer from Jacksonville State and in our opinion should become a hot property this coming fall. With Robinson at the point guard position, you know what you’re getting every time he steps on the floor. He will bring a tough hard nosed approach to the game and will do his very best in getting his teammates involved in the game which is exactly what you want out of your lead guard position.
We have always been extremely impressed with his poise and maturity dating back to 2015. Since then, he has continued to develop as an excellent teammate that values winning and playing the right way. 'Robinson will not hunt or try to manufacture his own shot. He thinks team first and making sure his teammates are in the correct position to score. While Robinson is a willing passer, don’t let that fool you. Without question, Robinson has the ability to score from all three levels on the court. When left open, he can buy the 3-point shot and has the ability to create his own shot off the dribble, not to mention a nifty midrange game.
On the court, Robinson has excellent body language and is fully engaged throughout the game. Off the court, we have been impressed with his humbleness and high character. He’s an absolute delight to speak to and his mannerisms speak volume. He will always answer you with a yes sir or no sir response. He has high qualities on and off the court and should become a high priority for exactly who he is. (Steady and Reliable) Some things never change and for Khalil Robinson, he will always be the same! (Which is a good thing)