No. 97 5'9 '23 Caleb Hall, (Fayetteville NC)'

This young man is a diamond'in the rough. For a young player, he has an exceptional basketball IQ.' He plays the game with understanding purpose. He needs to work on developing his off hand, which will set him apart at the next level also he needs to be more aggressive on Office'''''''''''''''''''
To take full of advantage of his quickness and foot-speed.' For a young man at 5’9 he’s able to pass the ball very well and knows how to make the right play. when double-teamed'he immediately kicked the ball out or handed it off to the open shooter or the open man cutting the line. His presence on the court was always felt immediately on the defensive end.'' And on offense.' going forward he will definitely need to work on ball handling.' But we At Phenom look forward to seeing him grow and prosper.


No. 63. 5'8 '22 Kolbe Ashe (Hayesville NC)

Kolbe is a hot motor wing with big X going to ability.' When he gets hot from outside it’s not long before he became a nightmare for the opposing defense. He’s quick but it is the pace in which he plays that shows his game is beyond his years. You can expect him over the next few years to become a national level type.' And we saw it all unfolding right here at Junior Phenom.''

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