No. 102 6’6 2021 Keyan Mims

Keyan is one of the most gifted athletes we have seen come out of South Carolina since Jalek Felton. His explosiveness is at the very highest level and he loves to display his incredible bounce in both transition and the half-court. He catches lobs, throws back tip-dunks, and can literally go over-top of a defender.


No.118 6'10 2019 Cooper Fowler

Fowler's is a budding big man who combines size, skill, and athleticism. The he is reminiscent of a Stephen Zimmerman at a similar stage as he has a great combination of size and touch and the potential to develop not just around the basket but eventually as a face-up player.


No. 4 5'9 2021 AJ Thompson

Thompson is an explosive athlete and dynamic playmaker. He plays an attacking style with obvious confidence and the type of killer instinct that can’t be taught. He has great burst with his first step, can rise up at the rim like a 6'10 player.


No. 43. 6'1 2020 Mason Grigg

Athletic play-maker who has the potential to be an elite ball in hand player on the next level. His ability to get downhill and find teammates with either passing hand is special. And did I mention he can fly one of the highest verticals in camp. At 6'1 he dunks on everybody. Mason also excels as a scorer and with his ability to catch and shoot and create/score off the dribble this kid sits himself apart from a lot of the competition.


No. 115 6'8 2020 Javon Benson

Javon is broadly built big man who changes the game on both ends of the floor. He’s long and powerful with a 7-foot-plus wingspan and good timing as a weak-side shot-blocker. He’s also a high-volume rebounder and valuable interior defender who can both pull balls down in traffic


No. 72 6'3 2021 Korey Richardson

Korey is one of the elite point guards in his class nationally. He has a nice frame with strong arms, broad shoulders, and he’s a good athlete. He has a nice burst off the dribble to get separation from his defender and he’ll drop off the pass in the lane.Korey is a very smart basketball player. Has a high basketball IQ and understanding of the game. Something coaches always want in guard play.


No. 56 6'2 2019 Norman Nowell

Norman is as explosive a playmaker and physically gifted a lead guard as there is in high school basketball in the state of South Carolina. He has good size for his position, long arms (plus 6 inches), and a chiseled frame. He’s a big-time playmaker whose driving style translates to the highest levels, NO ONE IN CAMP COULD STAY INFRONT OF HIM!

No. 120 7'0 2021 John Butler

At 7'0 John is one of the most improved big’s in the country from July to September. He has a good-looking frame with long arms, broad shoulders, and he’s becoming more mobile, and much more fluid runner in transition and he can finish plays in transition. The strength of his game is that he is very explosive around the rim.


No. 117 6'10 2020 P. J. Hall

P.J. lived up to everything being written and said about him. First, he's a very respectable young man clean-cut and well-mannered refreshing to see. Next, he has an array of offense skills he can score the ball pass the ball be a play maker and sit up his teammate. He demonstrates unselfishness. A big perimeter player with high physical upside and a versatile floor game, P. J. might actually be most gifted on the defensive end of the floor where