George Wilson 6'4, 165 pounds 2021 Green Run HS, Virginia Beach VA/DHB Team Thrill

George is a very athletic, long and bouncy small forward who dominated the paint at the junior varsity level. He competes on both ends of the floor and has a motor few can match, very good quickness and shot blocking prowess. His combination of length, ability to elevate quickly and his defensive intensity allows him to not only outwork people around the rim for rebounds but also allows him to position himself to help on penetration and recover quickly and to clog up the interior. He owns the paint! He reacts quickly and often seems to come out of nowhere to block a shot. Also rebounds outside his area, snatching the ball at its peak and once he grabs it, it's his! George has a strong frame, strong hands and powerful legs and employs his superior physical stature to dominate the middle and those attributes will serve him well on the varsity level where he should be an impact player next year. George is an improving offensive player as he looks to add versatility and extend his game beyond the painted area. He can hit the three ball when set and that forces defenders to have to have to extend which allows him to use his dribble and quickness to beat most post defenders creating a matchup advantage. More comfortable facing the rim he can finish showing the ability to withstand contact, has a nice touch and uses the glass well. He can get to the rim off the bounce in the half court and attacks the basket aggressively. Look for a big summer as George is primed to put his name on the recruiting boards.

Travon Mason 6'2 135 2021 Indian River HS, Chesapeake VA

Travon has a long and athletic frame, very good quickness and a non-stop motor. He has sound shot mechanics and very good range on the jumper and compliments that with a capable handle and the ability to create his own shot off the bounce. He can hit the three pointer well beyond the arc and makes it look effortless, does a good job with his footwork as he receives the ball and gets into this shot quickly and under control. Uses the ball fake to set up the drive. He uses long, rangy strides as he attacks the basket where he is a good finisher and as he adds bulk and strength will add more point productivity being able to finish many of those drives against contact. Travon is capable of ripping a rebound off the glass and leading the break or taking it coast to coast where he is able to slice through defenders and get to the basket. His long arms and quick feet allows him to defend the perimeter capably and he possesses very good lateral quickness. His length on the junior varsity level also makes him a competent post presence and active rebounder. I'm really excited about this up and coming prospect who should be an immediate contributor on the varsity level next year.

Robbie Hatcher 6'3 160 2020 Indian River HS, Chesapeake VA

Robbie is an exciting player to watch as he plays with great energy, has great length and versatility. He is lengthy and agile, fluent in his movements and can play any position productively at the junior varsity level. Hatcher is an active rebounder with excellent bounce and explosive elevation. He is a shot blocking presence and a strong rebounder yet can step out on the perimeter and defend the wing. He has elite athleticism and gets around the court quickly and gracefully. Robbie can handle the basketball well enough to create his own shot off the bounce and can locate the open man and make precise passes. He has a high IQ and makes very good decisions with the basketball and is especially effective in transition. Robbie has a nice touch on the jumper and seems to relish playing in the mid range area where he can use a nice combination of dribble moves and hit the pull up jumper or in a slippery and almost elusive manner slice to the rim where he is a very good finisher. His athleticism and basketball instincts helps put him in position time and time again to make plays on both ends of the floor. He is a rebounding workhorse, undeterred by contact and has excellent repeat jumping ability. Robbie is also a highly regarded baseball player with multiple All Star game selections. Keep an eye out for him, he's gonna be a special player!

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