There was a ton of talent in Rock Hill at the Phenom Grassroots TOC, including some young players. Here are a few players part of the 2024 class that really captured our attention once again and should be ones to monitor throughout the rest of the summer.

2024 Shamel Baker (Eastern Carolina Phenomz): Baker continues to be a name that pops up event after event with Phenom Hoops.' This is a very young but talented guard that should be mentioned with some of the best in the state of North Carolina for his class.' He consistently showed his ability to score the ball effectively and lead his team in scoring, which shouldn't be a surprise because he is just continuing to show what he did all high school season when he averaged nearly 17 points per game.' The 6'0 guard is really making a statement early on in his career and continues to play consistent basketball.

2024 Drew Hollifield (NC Rim Runners): Hollifield is one to continue to monitor, as he has played very well on multiple occasions with Phenom Hoops.' The young prospect plays exceptionally smart and tough on the court, along with a little craftiness to his game. He has really good playmaking ability and is able to score on multiple levels.' Here is what our own Jeff Bendel had to say about his game from the event:

'His IQ and toughness stand out above all else, but Hollifield legitimately plays a complete game and is capable of making an impact from either backcourt position. He's a reliable playmaker and three-level scorer with the patience and understanding to harness opportunities within the flow of the action. Hollifield is a scrappy, instinctual defender and makes great decisions with the ball in transition.'

2024 Kobe George (CP3): George was really productive and impressive at the Grassroots TOC. He already has tremendous size and understanding of the game, using his frame really well.' George stays very engaged on the court and can impact the game in several ways, whether it is finishing around the rim, playing with tremendous energy, and getting on the boards.' He has such a strong feel on the court and makes winning plays.

2024 Lewis Walker (CP3): Walker looks to be a star in the making with what he has shown as only a freshman.' He has such a unique game with his size, mobility, and ability to create for himself.' His skillset with his size creates a ton of havoc for opponents because he can body through opponents and finish on drives.' He also can handle the ball extremely well and create off the dribble, while showing nice touch.' Add that on top of an effective jumper, Walker is a mismatch on the court and looks to have a bright future ahead of him.

2024 Jordan Vick (Team Trezz): Vick is something special and that could be labeled as an understatement.' The young guard is going to be a hot name throughout North Carolina, even more than he already is. A starter already at Greenfield with Hampton Evans, Vick continues to show that he is one of the more talented guards for his class.' A playmaker on the floor, Vick can fill up the stat sheet while also being a tremendous scoring threat from multiple levels.' He is excellent in the open floor, can knock down shots from the perimeter, and showcases that he can be a big-time scoring machine when called upon, with a little athleticism to add in there.' It is why he already holds a few early offers.

2024 Peter Moye (CC Elite): Moye continues to be a scoring machine on the court at Phenom events. Every time he comes, it seems that Moye is one of the top scorers at the event and does so on a consistent basis. But he also does so much more, as he is a natural leader that can also rebound, defend, and make high IQ plays on the court.' His production level is fascinating to watch at his age and he is going to be a hot name throughout his high school career, as you should be hearing his name quite often.

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