6’1 2024 Sin Mohammad (Guard U)- A long and intriguing prospect for his age. Showcased a ton of guard skills for his age and size which what was most impressive about his game. He hit about four 3 pointers and handled the ball at a level above what most kids his size and age are capable of. A big part of his team’s success this morning Sin could be one to watch.

5’10 2024 Brandon Stevens (SC Select)- Very skilled 3 level scorer that is poised well beyond his years. Brandon hit a lot of shots from the perimeter and also showcased a nice array of shot fakes and jab steps to score without using a lot of dribbles. I’m a fan of anybody who can simplify the game and still get buckets that is exactly what Brandon does.

6’0 2021 Dj Cuttio (Charlotte Royals)- I love this young point guards’ game because the thing he does best is being extremely efficient. He makes great reads every time down the court and dished out nearly double-digit assist while turning over the ball one time. He also showcased that he can score the ball and shot 5-7 from three while finishing with 21 points. A point guard who can push the tempo, pass the ball, and shoot the way that Dj does looks like a can’t miss college level player to me.

6’6 2021 Jackson Coffee (Charlotte Royals)- A young big who did a lot of his work in the high post area. While facing the opposing teams zone Jackson spent a lot of time in the 15-17-foot areas. He showcased the ability to be a good interior passer, solid shooter/ scorer from that area, and rebounder. Jackson played well within the flow of the offense and never forced anything that wasn’t there. A nice, long, and skilled young big to start tracking.

5’9 Marquese Hemphill (Foothills Legacy)- This young point guard showcased the ability to do it all and keep his team running smoothly throughout the course of the game. One thing that they track heavily at the next level is “points responsible for.” While we didn’t track this if we had Marquese would’ve had some of the best numbers of the day. He was quick enough to beat you off the bounce, get into the paint, and make decisions whether to score or pass the ball. This accompanied with his ability to shoot made Marquese a really nice lead guard.

6’6 2021 Ben Burnham (Team Knicks)- Ben is extremely long and active a really fun player to watch. Uses his length to be an excellent defender, and also was strong enough to get to the basket and finish over defenders at rim level. The best thing about Ben is how well he runs the floor on both ends. Another prospect to watch for sure.