5’8 2022 Justin Monden WCBA Justin has a chance to be really good. He shoots it well and you can easily switch him off between either guard spots. He makes good reads after getting into the paint and also caused a few turnovers defensively. As Justin continues to grow and develop his body look for him to become a really solid point guard. 

6’1 2022 Jayden Whitaker Royal Knights Showed a lot of upside. Really long arms helped him to defend well. Operated well out of the catch utilizing an array of jab steps and rip throughs. Next step would be an improved jump shot to open more things up.

5’9 2022 Jalen Bowen WCBA- Jalen came out and really impressed with his ability to play off of his other guards and shoot the ball at a high level. Jalen’s game was great to watch because he simplified the game and never seemed like anything was difficult for him. A Great complimentary piece that can always find a place on the floor.

6’6 2022 Jayden Johnson TMP- Jayden is simply a beast in the paint. He has a wide football players body and uses it to carve out as much space as he wants. He has great hands and catches everything around the basket. A really solid young big that did a great job playing bully ball.